IndieReview Behind The Scenes Radio Maverick Promotions

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Are You new To Marketing? Only want a taste? Looking to get your feet wet in the vast ocean of writing/publishing?

Then try a MINI promotion with… IndieReview Behind The Scene  Internet Radio’s ‘s Maverick PromotionPromotion for Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box (Author/Music Promotion Starting at $5)

Maverick is featured in Author Lynda Brown’s The Author Chat Guide to Promoting Your Book on a Shoestring Budget a shoe

Click here to order your Maverick Promotion Maverick Promotions



IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio has reach 100,000 listens! Along with the large listenership of our radio segment; my social media reach through followers offers the potential to expose your creations to over 100,000 readers and listeners via Twitter, Face Book , Google Plus, Bloggers!

For one week…I will act as coordinator to offer you DEDICATED PROMOTION for your book and/or music. I will create a week’s worth of promotional activity.

**There is no guarantee of sales in relation to this promotional tour, only increased exposure for your project.**

This is a BASIC Tour include: ( See Premium Plans  below)

1  30 minute Radio interview on IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio.

1 per day-5 Stops during your week’s tour at 5 of  MY Social Media sites.

1 Mention on Twitter, Face Book, Google Plus per day.

1 Gig equals the delivery of your SCHEDULE for your tour.   

Please purchase gig and contact with needed information TWO WEEKS prior to when tour is desired, to allow scheduling time.

Please see the instructions for requested information and procedure.

All requested info due within 24 hours of purchase.


a upgrade


Order your Gig now! Maverick Promotions

PREMIUM PROMOTIONS can be added to your basic plan. Simply purchase additional $5 gigs to equal the number of premiere stops to affiliate Author and Bloggers blogspots.

(Ex. Basic $5 Gig PLUS THREE $5 Premiere stops= $20.00) UP to 6 Premier stops may be included with your basic plan!

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If You are seeking more EXTENSIVE promotion w/ access to Market/Writing  Coaching, then I suggest these awesome Virtual Book Tour services! VBT Cafe Virtual ToursWrite Now Literary Virtual Tours, and Bewitching Book tours!

Click here see see more Author/Musician services that can help you on your writing and publishing journey!

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