IndieWritersReview’s Spotlight! A Light in the Darkness by Lisa A. Sniderman(Review)

Hey guys! I’m excited that IndieWritersReview is hosting A Light in the Darkness by awarding winning musician, playwright, author Lisa A. Sniderman (Aoede). I give my thoughts below on her new release!


When the music changesso does the dance”  African proverb

A Light in the Darkness

by Lisa A. Sniderman

a fun plus 101

In 2008, singer-songwriter Lisa Sniderman was living the dream in California. As Aoede, the Muse of Song, her star as a gifted recording artist was rising fast. Lisa’s quirky folk-pop performance style electrified audiences up and down the West Coast, and the albums just kept flowing. But just when her career was rocketing skyward, a health crisis brought all of her dreams crashing to the ground. Diagnosed with a rare, debilitating immune disorder called dermatomyositis (DM), Lisa struggled to maintain a normal life with a body in revolt and, eventually, to accept a new normal. Living with a chronic illness challenged Lisa to see DM as a gift in disguise that has opened the door to new dreams, new songs, and new opportunities. Lisa’s story is for you if you seek strength, new inspiration, hope, joy, healing, and if you or someone you love struggle with a chronic illness, disability, or unexpected life events. Her insights and reflections on her journey inspire hope and the courage to keep dreaming and living to the fullest no matter what life hurls at you.


“Chronic illness challenges us in so many ways, but need not define who we are and what we have to offer. Sniderman is an inspiration. Her memoir provides an honest window into the power of the human spirit through real life examples and wisdom to reimagine what is possible.”
— Keith W. L. Rafal, MD, MPH, Founder of Our Heart Speaks,

“Caring for a son with Juvenile dermatomyositis, I was overcome with the truth and rawness (and tears) of Sniderman’s moving story. Her words are uplifting, compelling, engaging, and illuminating for anyone living with chronic illness and for those who love them.”
— Shannon Malloy, Cure JM Foundation

“Sniderman shares valuable wisdom in her open and honest account about overcoming the adversity of living with a chronic illness. A truly inspirational story of the healing power of music and creativity and finding your true purpose.”
— Tom Willner, cancer survivor and author of Having A Ball At Thirty

“A personal and poignant meditation on healing and hope. Sniderman’s brilliant account will surely enlarge empathy, so that more can understand what it means to live with and triumph over struggles.”
— Kabir Sehgal, New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and Grammy Award winner

“As a former psychological counselor, poet, and mother of a child with Juvenile Myositis, I am thrilled by Lisa’s book. Her story of both living with a chronic illness and finding ways to harness and express her talents to encourage and inspire others is a gift. I know many kids and adults will not only resonate with her story but will be uplifted by it and will find ways to let ‘their lights shine’ too. This is an important and necessary story, not just for people with Dermatomyositis, but for anyone who struggles with, or loves someone with a chronic illness.”
— Suzanne Edison, MA, MFA, Cure JM Board of Directors

“Sniderman’s ability to overcome impossible obstacles is nothing short of miraculous. Her positive outlook on life and remarkable passion for the arts has truly helped in her recovery. I highly recommend reading A Light in the Darkness. You will find it to be a transformative experience.”
— Tim Battersby, Grammy nominee and novelist

“Lisa Sniderman’s inspiring life lessons portray the story of struggle, relentless determination and perseverance, leading to her success lifting herself up. Her artistic life is an inspiration to others and an encouraging testament to never giving up in this beautiful universe to make the best out of this life despite challenges.”
— Rupam Sarmah Music Director, composer, filmmaker





a fun plus 101


A Light in the Darkness by the awarding winning musician, playwright, author Lisa A. Sniderman, (Aoede) inspired warring emotions within me as I read. I alternated between joy and tears! Ms. Sniderman gives her personal journey on living with the effects of Dermatomyositis, a muscle disease, and inflammation response to cell damage. She starts with her personal philosophy of setting goals, visions and creating opportunities to realize her dreams, and giving it all she has in the pursuit of those dreams. So when diagnosed with DM she explains how she had to adapt to a “new normal” of doctor’s visits, drug therapies and increasing fear and doubt of whether she will be able to continue being all that she could in her daily life and career. But she persevered and with the support of family, friends and those in her network, Ms. Sniderman continued to set and achieve her dreams.

I believe that everyone comes to a point where he/she may hit a wall. Going after dreams takes courage and when those achievements aren’t happening the way one might envision, it’s easy to want to give up. But when reading A Light in the Darkness, and reading the story of someone who refused to give up on being who she always meant to be, no matter the limitations in body or the doubts in her mind. It inspires the reader to take that next step and keep moving. It inspires the reader not to give up. It inspires the reader to be brave in the pursuit of the life they desire and the pursuit of who they want to be. I am grateful to Ms. Sniderman for sharing her journey and being an inspiration to those who may be dealing with the same challenge physically, as well as being an inspiration to all readers who may need encouragement not to give up on their dreams.

I fully recommend A Light in the Darkness as a must to be read and to share with those who could use a little inspiration and hope!

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  1. Thank you so much Michelle and Jaime! It means a lot to me to be able to share my story and so appreciate your honest, thorough and thoughtful review! Look forward to connecting more in our Indie Review Behind the Scenes!

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