IndieWritersReview’s Spotlight! Kadupul Cover and Trailer Reveal!

Hello guys! Well here’s something a little different at IndieWritersReview. Today’s spotlight is on a short independent film called Kadupul produced by 4CWMedia Production, BRJproductions and cinematography by Luz Pictura Productions which releases on July 24th 2018! Take a peek at the poster and trailer below! Stay connected and leave a like for updates on events, releases and giveaways at 4CWMedia Productions on Face Book

What’s it about?

Summary: Short term memory loss and an inability to look at herself in mirrors or old pictures; this is College Sophomore Klarissa Bloom’s life after surviving a physical assault in her freshman year. However, she’s now determined to prove to her parents that she can handle her return to school.

But recovery is not a straight path, it’s one with dips and twists. A journey, not a final destination.  With the help of her friends,Ravyen, Xander and Julian, Klarissa finds strength to identify with her passion for dance, not the assault…

But will she be able to pick up the picture and see who she was before, while trying to build a life that’s new?


Let Your Passion Define You

Release date July 24th!

Produced by 4CWMedia Productions and BRJProductions

Cinematography by Luz Pictura Productions

Kadupul Poster Final Proof - Digital Poster (1)

Kadupul Face  Book CoverKadupul Facebook Cover Image