IndieWritersReview’s Spotlight! Paradise Dreams by J Hale Turner!

Happy Wednesday All! Today IndieWriterseview is hosting Paradise Dreams by the very talented Inspirational Romance Author J Hale Turner!

Paradise Dreams

a fun plus 101

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Book Summary: Melanie Harris returns to the United States after recuperating from a tumultuous marriage, to care for her aging parents and maintain her writing career. During a visit to New York she is robbed, and before her attacker can pursue his other interest in her, Melanie is rescued by a handsome stranger. In the ensuring chaos, they are separated, leaving her to wonder if she will ever see him again.

Kendall Myers, handsome bachelor and owner of the fabulous White Sands Villas in Ocho Rios, spends life focusing on his work, his precocious eleven-year-old daughter, and his doting Aunt Beth. While in New York on business, he rescues a beautiful woman from a robbery, but before he can learn her name, she runs away, puzzling both Kendall and the police.

Paradise Dreams offers readers an inside view of two people who learn that it takes endurance, patience and forgiveness to regain faith in opening one’s heart to love.


a fun plus 102


J Hale Turner, Fiction Writer for Family Enjoyment, has published seven books with new releases in the works for 2018.

She reissued romance novel, PARADISE DREAMS, under her label, JHT Books. It will also serve as forerunner for her new releases. She thanks her readers for their patience “and hope the wait will be worth it.”

Ms. Turner’s works include books for children and adult reading. BRIANNA’S DOLPHINS, is planned to be released this summer for young readers.  That being said, her stories are considered to be wholesome and clean, with lots of drama/suspense.

She continues to encourage family time for reading. Her belief is that family reading prompts questions and answers “and draws family closer through patience and motivational interactions.”

Updates will be announced on her website,, her YouTube vblogs, Facebook and Goodreads.



Melanie’s stomach rumbled as a reminder that she had missed breakfast and lunch.   Perhaps a bag of nabs would carry her over.  She released a sigh of relief when she spotted an ATM machine outside a nearby bank.

She entered the building’s side alcove, swiped her card, and awaited the cash.  In an instant, her face was rammed against the cold stone wall and the breath knocked out of her.


Her hands pulled behind her, rendered her helpless.  Melanie’s dulled senses finally started to clear, and she screamed.

“Shut up or I’ll cut your throat,” he threatened with a raspy voice, then rammed her against the machine.  He pried her money from her clutched hands.  She didn’t care.

Her attacker wanted more.  She felt him groping at her body.

Sudden desire for survival took over and she fought back.   Melanie forced another scream in the struggle, then instantly she felt his muscled frame move away.

In the midst of the madness, Melanie heard another man’s voice and a strange grunt that followed.  Her legs gave way as she slowly slid down, braced by a pair of strong arms.

Disoriented, Melanie struggled to gather her bearings.  Renewed, she screamed and fought harder against her attacker.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. He can’t hurt you anymore, Miss.  I’m here to help you.”  The deep mellow voice poured over her like warm brandy.  Her eyes closed as tears streamed down her face.  Her body trembled as she allowed the kind stranger to straighten her should bag and return her scattered money to her trembling hands.

He removed his leather gloves and gently lifted her chin to examine her face.

“You need to have that looked at.  That’s a nasty scrape.”

The moment their eyes linked, Melanie felt another collapse coming from the intensity of his chocolate brown eyes laced with coal black lashes women vied for.

He protectively held her in one arm while he flipped out his cell and dialed the police with his free hand.  She felt safe.

The clean scent of his aftershave sent her thoughts reeling.   She did not want him to let go.

He held on to her until her trembling subsided, seemingly unaware of the effect he had on her.  His body felt strong beneath his camel hair coat.

She regretted his release.  Gaining her balance, she recognized her would-be attacker, slumped over and semi-conscious.  She gasped.

“He’s okay, jut resting until the police get here,” he said as if it was nothing, giving her a mischievous grin that made her heart skip a beat.

“And I’ll be happy to press charges.”

As he was escorting her out of the alcove, they saw blue uniforms approaching.  Of all things, so were the media, huddling around a loudmouth advocate against the bank’s haphazard location for the ATMs endangering the college community and surrounding businesses.

Her eyes darted around her.  The curious crowd of onlookers increased as did her fear of being questioned and recognized.  She relished her anonymity in the Big Apple.  This is not the time for media exposure—not again.  Did she not escape public humiliation to recover from her horrendous marriage, to heal and start life anew?

As the police approached, her handsome rescuer asked her to stay put as he walked toward the police, but she saw it as her chance to escape.

She slithered through curious glances until she was down the block.  At a safe distance, Melanie turned around hoping for the last look at her gallant black knight.

He stood tall and confident among the gathering crowd of spectators while the officers stood over the dazed assailant.  Just a glance at the tall figure stirred emotions she had willed dormant and forgotten.

Melanie watched his puzzled face search the onlookers and the street.  She ducked.  Her heart raced and tugged interchangeably.  She dreaded her cowardly flight, but could not risk being discovered.

Quickly, she headed around the corner and hailed a cab.

“Just my stupid luck,” she muttered.  Welcome to the Big Apple, kiddo.  Your first day back to your hometown and you get mugged, meet your prince charming and lose him all in a few minutes.

Nerves frayed, she searched in her bag for her cell.  Her attorney was in court, but her attorney’s assistant, Lill, immediately accepted her call.  Melanie rambled incoherently about her attack and gave the bank’s name and location.  She was assured immediate action would follow and advised not to worry and to see medical attention.

Lill’s compassionate voice helped ease a bit of Melanie’s angst before she disconnected.  She leaned back against the leather seat in the back of the cab and took deep breaths.  Her head pounded, and her body ached even more.  This wasn’t how her visit was supposed to end—to be driven into the sunset, leaving the man of her dreams behind.



Happy Reading Guys!


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