IndieWritersReview’s Review of The First Life of Amelia Weston by Amy Olinger! (Full Moon Publishing)

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on an awesome read! Author Amy Olinger’s debut novel The First Life of Amelia Weston! (Full Moon Publishing).

Amy Weston


About The Author

Amy Olinger has always lived in her small hometown in Southwest Virginia. Her love of reading and writing has always been a huge part of her daily life; she stays up all night sometimes just to flesh out the next scene, or read until the end of a chapter. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters, one son and married to a wonderful man for over 10 years. She also enjoys playing video games in her spare time, RPGs are her absolute favorite, but she plays many different genres.
Contact her here:

The First Life of Amelia Weston



The First Life of Amelia Weston is the debut novel of Author Amy Olinger, and I am now an avid fan! I loved the lyrical quality of the novel from the start. Opening in the year of 1601 in Reading England, the  reader is introduced to Amelia, who’s a passionate, talented and powerful young woman. Tragedy and loss strikes her over the years as she grows into her power as one of the strongest witches in her community.

Soon years past with love gained and lost, and after being alone, Amelia meets Alexander who brings light and love back into her life, which she thought an impossibility. When faced with the possibility of losing her greatest love, fate intervenes and the two are reunited. But fate is fickle and the two are cast into a cyclical  race against time. The question remains will the lovers remain united or be separated forever?

I truly enjoyed this read and I felt the writing held a  haunting romantic quality which fit the time period in which Amelia lived. The descriptions and the steamy romance catapulted the reader into the character’s lives which caused me as a reader to become quickly invested!

Clear, flowing writing with great pacing. This was a wonderful debut novel that will leave the reader wanting more!

Recommended for readers  18+ due to some adult content, I consider this a must read for those that enjoy romance and historical fiction!


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