IndieWritersReview Music Monday Spotlight! Electronic duo Vallis Alps!

Happy Music Monday Guys! Sorry I’ve been a little m.i.a. lately. Kicking off this year I have launched  several exciting projects that I will also soon share here at IndieWritersReview. One of the projects is my hosting  a new video chat for those in the Punk genre over at  Inside SteamPunkery!  Plus of course we’re still chatting with the very talented and fabulous authors and musicians in Indietainment over at our radio podcast IndieReview Behind The Scenes!

But back to business bringing awesome authors and musicians here as well at IndieWritersReview!

So today I like to throw the spotlight on  Canberra/Seattle-based electronic duo Vallis Alps!


DUO:  Parissa Tosif and David Ansari!

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Parissa Tosif and David Ansari are Canberra/Seattle-based electronic duo Vallis Alps. Their music blends down-tempo, piano-driven melodies and acoustic guitar with 80’s pop synths and gritty trap beats to compliment their half-nostalgic, half- foretelling lyrics.

Since releasing their independent self-titled debut EP in Jan 2015, the pair’s mesmerizing tunes have clocked over 2+ million SoundCloud plays (27, 000 of which appeared in the first 24 hours) and peaked at #1 on Hype Machine upon release. On the strength of their music alone, Vallis Alps were named as triple j Unearthed, AIR and FBi Radio feature artists and were more recently included as Zan Rowe’s ‘Song You Need To Hear’ on CBC’s Public Radio Picks. They also continued to make their mark on the Aus iTunes Electronic Album and Singles Chart for ‘Young’ at #2 and #23 respectively, debuting in the Top 100 ARIA singles chart – an impressive feat for a new independent act.

The Vallis Alps EP is available on iTunes now.

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Vallis Alps – Thru

Introducing… The Winter Creek Witch!

Congratulations to Author CP Bialois! Love this series!:)

The BiaLog

Good morning everyone!

The story behind The Winter Creek Trilogy is one I really never expected to reach fruition. It started as an idea to pit a bigfoot and werewolf against one another. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. But it quickly grew into something more. I always tell people never to say never, and this is why.

The Winter Creek Beast was meant as a standalone story, but everyone wanted more. The problem for me was the muse wasn’t chirping in my ear, so I didn’t make any plans to continue the story. Of course, that’s when my muse started sharing ideas with me again.

Now, as I complete the trilogy and wait for The Winter Creek Witch to go live on March 15, 2016, I once more told people never to say never. Now, I’m not promising anything, but I do have a couple of ideas, so we’ll…

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