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Happy Saturday All! I’m very happy that today IndieWritersReview is participating as one of the hosts for WOLF AMONG SHEEP   Hot Ink Press by  Author Sara Dobie Bauer!



New Release February 27th!


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Synopsis: “What exactly do you deduce we proposed?”
“That I enter into a sexual relationship with a married couple.”Avery Collins is an ambitious young journalist in early-1900s Charleston, South Carolina, when exotic newcomers Timothy and Vonnie Duke spot him at a fancy gala on the Battery. The Dukes like bringing pretty playthings to their marriage bed, and with a promotion in mind, Avery entertains their advances not knowing lust can quickly turn to love — and love to murder.Vividly atmospheric and told from three points of view, this novella proves sexual prowess can get a man far in life in exchange for his soul.
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Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she would really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is the author of Life without Harry, Forever Dead, and Wolf Among Sheep. World Weaver Press will release her novel, BITE SOMEBODY, this summer.

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 Author Sara Dobie Bauer

Erotica doesn’t have to be obscene

When I tell people I occasionally write erotica, some of them blush. I suppose it’s assumed that all erotica involves whips, chains, and anal plugs, but not so! Erotica has been around since way before EL James got her hands on it, and the genre can be classy, sexy, and downright scorching without grossing you out.

My new novella, Wolf Among Sheep, (Hot Ink Press) is undeniably erotic in nature, but it takes place in 1909 Charleston. The time period and clothing are enough to make this story more romantic than raunchy, as does the way the story is written.

Word choice and tone are keys to writing good erotica, as well as characters we’re not only attracted to but care about. Let me give you some examples so that you don’t end up winner of the Bad Sex Awards.


  1. “Don’t Ball the Boss” from The Stoneslide Corrective

My mind cannot compute, so my penis solves the equation. I put my hand on the back of his neck and crush our mouths together. He tastes like scotch and smells like every man should. My penis continues to run things as I shove his body against the nearest wall and kiss, kiss, lick, suck—God, this is so much better than even my dirty mind could muster. I want him naked underneath me so I push him on the bed. 

This is obviously quite silly, considering I give a penis a personality. HOWEVER in terms of this tone, this narrator, it works, because the tone is brash and funny—so the sex should be, too. We aren’t dealing with bodily fluids (thank goodness), and the men in this scene are actually just kissing, but it’s hot. It works because there are sensory details (very important when writing sex) but not too many and nothing overly explicit. There is hunger and passion. And notice: you never actually see these characters having sex. I’m a firm believer that, in fiction, sexual tension can be hotter than the act itself.

  1. “This is Not a Safe House” from Archive of Our Own

With him above her, she watched the way his expressions changed. She paid attention to the way his hands clenched and released her hips. She knew he was close when he buried his face in the crook of her neck and wrapped his strong arms around her petite upper torso. Irene wrapped one leg around to the back of his and pushed her pelvis up to meet him. On the verge of her own orgasm, she whispered, “I love you, Sherlock Holmes,” and he tumbled over the edge, Irene right behind him.

I’ve got a thing for Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler, which is why this scene reads so differently from the first. Sex alters depending on the characters you’re working with. Here be some deep, tortured love. We’re dealing with two tragic characters, entwined in what might be their last night together—so make it feel that way. See how she studies him, memorizes him. And yeah, there’s an orgasm here, but it’s not a money shot. It’s not porn. It’s an orgasm, and it’s quiet, soft, and lovely. Sex does not have to be screaming and broken furniture.

  1. Wolf Among Sheep, brand new from Hot Ink Press

He shifts her body sideways, half off the bed, so I can watch as he kneels on the floor and lifts the red fabric up over her calves, her thighs, pressing chaste kisses up her dark skin as he goes. Then, he reveals her fully, and I am shocked—duly impressed even—with the way her flower blooms for him. She is wet, heaving, and he has done all this with nothing more than trifling kisses and the touch of his hand. He reduces her to a whimpering mass of flesh.

Like I said earlier, we’re dealing with 1909 Charleston in Wolf Among Sheep, so the vernacular is way more romantic and sensual—and serious. You’ve just watched a man give a woman oral sex, but never once did I call it that. Never was I even overt about what was going on. Sure, there’s imagery (as there should be). There is kissing, touching, and sound (as there also should be). Yet, using a gentle hand, I have managed to portray a highly sexual encounter without traipsing into lewdness or the obscene.


It’s all about tone.

It’s about word choice.

It’s about knowing your characters and how they perceive the sexual experience.


True, obscenity has a place in erotica, but it’s not necessary to make something hot. If you’re a novice erotica reader, you just need to find your own happy medium. I’d start with fan fiction, no joke. You can choose your rating and go from there. Or, obviously, buy my new novella, Wolf Among Sheep. I promise I won’t traumatize you—much.


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