IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! Australian singer-songwriter (Pop) Artist Juliana! (Video/Making the Video Feature)

Happy Music Monday Everyone and today IndieWritersReview spotlights Australian singer-songwriter (Pop) Artist Juliana! ( Debut EP: Mere Mortal).



a fun plus 102



The transcendent power of a great song propels the listener to a place that is hauntingly familiar or completely new… Juliana’s biggest dream, is to connect and inspire through her melody and lyrics. Her sole purpose is to take her listeners on a journey.

Each song is a polaroid snapshot; her view of the world. As the melodies ebb and flow, so do her lyrics.

Her EP emulates the sense of dichotomy that is present within us all.. The idea that something is perfect because it isn’t, is what speaks loudest, in her newly released EP, Mere Mortal.

Juliana takes great inspiration from Sia’s bravery with intervals, to Halsey’s lyrical edginess and Katy Perry’s pop sensibility. Her depth as an artist owes a great deal to her youthful immersion in music from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Beyonce.

Juliana has been heard by many successful music industry professionals, such as Susie Ahern, Steven Memel, Desmond Child and Robin Frederick. In 2015 her debut single, “Waterfalls” was added to VEVO. It garnered a great deal of interest from online press worldwide. The video was directed by Blake Farber (Beyonce: Countdown).

Her song Speechless, was added to radio in Australia on high rotation and she looks forward to taking her music to the next level.

























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