IndieWritersReview Spotlight! Books by Author Beverly Cialone (Reader Poll Feature)

Happy Monday All! Today I’m very excited that IndieWritersReview is hosting Author Beverly Cialone and spotlighting her upcoming releases!.


a fun plus 110

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Beverly Cialone has been writing since childhood. Her genres of choice are romance, erotica, and poetry, although she has also written numerous articles for,,,, and Yahoo! Voices. When she isn’t indulging in her passion of writing, she enjoys listening to all types of music, reading, watching TV/Movies, cooking, traveling, swimming, bowling, billiards, attending dirt track races, and playing The Sims and Scrabble on her computer. Beverly lives in South Carolina and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


Which book title below would you like to see completed first under upcoming New Releases? (Reply in comments)

Books by Beverly Cialone

a fun plus 120

Links to books by this Author.

Book Descriptions for upcoming new releases:
The Wilderness Warrior
a fun plus 103

Disgusted with life in general, the final straw for Mahkah comes when his attorney wife takes him to divorce court and costs him everything he’d worked so hard for.  After a nasty court battle, he decides that a solitary vacation is in order and treats himself to a lone hunting trip in the vast, mountainous forests of Tennessee.  He literally stumbles upon a cabin and uses his last penny to buy it, in a desperate bid to get away from the harsh, bustling society that played a part in nearly destroying him. 

Cassidy is a couple of hours from home and returning from a disastrous job interview in Knoxville when she inadvertently hits a deer on a long, lonely stretch of highway.  When her car careens off the highway and down a narrow path into the thick forest, she soon realizes the hopelessness of her situation—her car can’t be seen from the road, she has no cell phone signal, and her car is so severely damaged that it won’t start.  After spending the night locked and huddled in her car, her hopes sink further in the harsh light of day.  Her car has gone down a steep incline, and nothing but forest surrounds her for miles.  With no other option for survival, she leaves her car in the hopes of finding someone who can help.  Unbeknownst to her, Mahkah is aware of her presence in “his” forest and silently follows her, taking on the role of invisible protector and Good Samaritan.  He finally makes his presence known only when an imminent wolf attack on Cassidy forces his hand.  What starts out as a temporary reprieve and rescue from the elements turns into something neither one of them expected—they are soon snowed in, and Mahkah uses every chance available to convince Cassidy that perhaps her life in Asheville isn’t what she really wants or even needs.  When Cassidy’s car is finally discovered in the springtime thaw, she’s faced with a difficult decision—should she stay with Mahkah and enjoy the simple, idyllic life he’s shown her for the past several months, or should she do the “responsible” thing by returning to the life she had in Asheville?  Only in hindsight will she realize that she got much more than she bargained for upon meeting “The Wilderness Warrior.”

Book Description for High Voltage:

a fun plus 105

Tess Solomon has had a rough year—she lost her entire family in a house fire, only to become involved with a man who took great delight in abusing her in every horrific way possible. In a moment of desperation, she attempts the unthinkable, only to be rescued by two hot, mysterious twin brothers—Victor and Vincent Volt.  When the brothers develop feelings for their charge, they decide to do something they’ve never even considered before, and that is to share Tess.  However, her spiteful ex-boyfriend Danny has different plans…for all of them.  Will the steamy love triangle forge a strong, close bond that will allow them to overcome Danny’s evil plans?  Or will it all fall apart, leaving Tess even more broken than she was before?

Book Description for White Lightning:

a fun plus 107

When Cameron meets Alexa, he is intrigued to discover that she’s a race car driver at a local dirt track.  However, after witnessing a few horrifying, race-related accidents that leave her severely injured, he begins to doubt his decision to take their relationship to the next level.  When Alexa has a chance to make her dream of becoming a NASCAR driver a reality, she is torn when Cameron doesn’t share in her enthusiasm.  Will she pursue her dream at the risk of losing Cameron?  Or will she ditch it all for the sake of preserving their relationship and finding true love?

Book Description for Sweet Death:

a fun plus 108

When Emily’s abusive husband Chip drops dead from a heart attack during an argument with her, she is frightened and devastated, despite the way he’d abused her. Her salvation comes in the form of the funeral director tasked with handling her late husband’s funeral arrangements–Emory Markandeya. Emory is the quiet voice of reason when Emily is convinced her late husband is haunting her and literally trying to drive her insane. However, when Emily’s in-laws try to place the blame on her for Chip’s death, Emory is out of town on vacation, and Emily ends up in jail. Will Chip’s family succeed in wrongfully accusing her for the death of her own husband? Or will Emory be able to save her from even more heartache and pain?


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