IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! UK Psychedelic band Kassassin Street!

Happy Music Monday Guys! Today I’m excited to throw the spotlight on the UK Psychedelic band Kassassin Street! @KassassinStreet


a fun plus 110

Kassassin Street

Kassassin Street Website

Face Book

“Step onboard and cling on for your life, these boys know how to craft a song, how to give life to a perfect swirling maelstrom of psychedelia-drenched majesty.” – Rebel Rebel Music Club

“Matter-of-factly, Kassassin Street make great music. Beyond the surface-level excellence though lies a further greatness more intelligent, more admirable.” – 7BitArcade

“It’s intensely apparent that this collection of players are exceptionally educated in the innovations of sonic discovery, fusing the up-tempo vein of electronica with incendiary guitar sounds plucked from Detroit Social Club and The Big Pink.” – Psychedelia Limited

“Whenever you need to be hypnotized, to just float away and get lost in good music, you can definitely rely on Kassassin Street. Their tracks have the beguiling sound that simply draws you in, and implores you to listen on.” – 24OurMusic

Recommended if You Like 

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Rowan Bastable, Nathan Hill, Ryan Hill, Andy Hurst, Tom Wells

a fun plus 120



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