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Happy Friday All! Today I’m very excited to have the opportunity to participate as one of the hosts for the new release Deceive by the very talented award winning author Raine Thomas!

Guys while checking out the deets on this awesome read make sure to enter the raffle-copter giveaway below for your chance at a Kindle Fire HD 7!! Plus, take a peek at my review as I share my thoughts on the newest Estilorian novel!!



Cover Artist: Mae I Design
When the elders imprisoned Metis, they took every precaution to protect the Estilorian plane against her evil.
It wasn’t enough.
Now she’s escaped, and no one is safe. Fueled by hatred, she wastes no time imposing vengeance on those who captured her. She knows the surest way to destroy their lives is by taking what they love most, and she begins with a child named Eden.
Years later, Eden remembers none of her former life. She serves her “Master,” unaware of the family still searching for her. But as her eighteenth birthday approaches, memories begin to surface, and she questions her circumstances for the first time.
Eden’s confusion mounts when she’s joined by Connor, a handsome Elphresti male who reveals things that shatter her reality. They’ll end up on the run, knowing they can trust only each other. After all, Metis will stop at nothing to get them back, and she thrives on her ability to deceive.



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About the Author
Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Known for character-driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She’s a proud indie author who is living the dream. When she isn’t writing or glued to e-mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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The child
laughed and nodded, making her blonde curls bob. Hatred burned bright and hot
in Metis’ chest as she
watched the interaction. While she had been imprisoned, the Mercesti elder had
been living a
life of pleasure with his avowed…the Kynzesti female named Tate. They and their
companions had robbed
Metis of thirteen years of her existence.
They didn’t
deserve the family they had made. They didn’t deserve happiness.
She was
determined to take it from them.
gaze suddenly shifted to the tree where she stood. Metis darted out of sight
and stood absolutely
still. She had to force herself not to flee and reveal herself. Fear had her
heart thudding in her chest.
Her own
reaction infuriated her. He would not hold that kind of sway over her, she
silently vowed.
Soon enough,
he would be the one who was terrified.
that’s not fair!”
Metis dared
another glance and watched the boy, Ryder, rush back and tug on his father’s
tank top. She was relieved
when Zachariah’s attention turned from her position.
“Eden should
be with Mommy,” the boy said, glaring at his sister. “She’s inta-ruptin’ you
Ryder.” Zachariah lowered Eden to the ground, brushing his hand absently over
her hair in a way that
confirmed to Metis that he held affection for her. “Take your sister with you.
Uncle Tiege will keep an eye
on you both until I finally finish this bloody conversation.”
Ryder’s eyes
widened. “You’re not s’posed to say bloody, Daddy. I’m tellin’ Mommy.”
Metis didn’t
hear Zachariah’s response. She was too focused on the smaller female, who had
apparently lost
interest in the conversation. The child bent down and picked up the wooden
sword that was nearly the same
size as she was, gave it a curious look, then tossed it back to the ground. As
Derian wisely bent
to pick up
the sword to keep it out of reach, the girl skipped away.
Right to
In an
instant, Metis’ plans changed. She realized that she didn’t have to kill the
Mercesti elder to get her revenge.
During her imprisonment, she had learned about the sentiment Estilorians
harbored for each other. She
had learned how to use that kind of useless emotion to manipulate her captors
and escape.
She knew she
could take something from Zachariah. Something that would hurt just as much as
peeling his flesh or
ripping out his heart.
Maybe even
Just as
Derian started after the child, Metis stepped out from behind the tree. She was
watching the little girl,
but registered that the Mercesti commander hesitated. The child’s gaze lifted
to Metis as she stopped in
front of her. She started to smile as Metis reached for her, but then her
expression froze. Realizing
the child sensed danger, Metis acted quickly, grabbing her before she could
desperate cry had all activity in the area ceasing. Metis met his gaze an
instant before she teleported
with the screaming child in her grasp, and she knew she had been right. It was
the Mercesti elder who
was now terrified.
He knew he
would never see his little girl again.

What can I say about this long awaited Estilorian novel? The Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy introduced me to Author Rain Thomas! I fell in love with her strong, feisty heroines and the protective and handsome men that loved them.

It was so good to see the familiar names of Tate, Zachariah, Gabriel, Sky, Amber and all the others. I loved hearing of the beauty of Central and I smiled when reading of the Unicorn and Its enchanted grove.

Yes, truly the Estilorian series is one of my favorites from Ms. Thomas. So when I started reading Deceive, I entered with happiness enjoying the familiar world, but nostalgia disappeared as I fell into Eden’s story.

I believe Eden has become one of my most favorite characters in the Estilorian world along with her Connor. Never have I read of such heartache, and abuse being suffered by a character; but coupled with such ingenuity, strength and courage as in Eden— a.k.a. “Scout.

Having been torn from her family, Eden was tortured and treated as less than a person—a pet. She maintained her compassion for others, her wisdom and ability to craft such incredible devices which saved herself and Connor. I cannot say how much I adore Eden truly.

Connor, I adore just as much, his protectiveness, gentleness proved exactly what the doctor ordered for Eden, her perfect match.

Ms. Thomas created a story with characters so vivid, so real to me it was as if I was in the same room as them.

Metis, I have so many emotions running through my mind, regarding this character—anger being primary lol! First, she tortured and abuse Eden and stripped away the girl’s identity—calling her Pet.

So yes, I desired to hate her. Period. But Rain Thomas is such a Master of Storytelling, I could not outright hate her, there was also pity in the mix. Even though Metis tortured Eden, it seemed part of her had affection for her as well.  Also Metis, a victim herself— in her own highly confused way, attempted to build her own family through her pets and creations.

But most of all Metis was truly, actually insane.  The author created incredible images which brought home the depth of the darkness which gripped the woman.

The story was well written, full of action—on the edge of your seats including nail biting moments!

Incredible, emotion provoking images, it is rare that I cry while reading a story. Yes, I feel sadness, anger or righteous indignation for the characters I grow to love, but to actually cry—well it’s rare.

But in this story I did. But there was also humor and celebration as well!

I fully recommend Deceive for those that enjoy fantasy, paranormal or who have followed the Estilorians. Also, if new to the series, then I suggest going back and starting your journey with Book One in the Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy.


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