IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! South African and Californian electronic duo ANIMA!

Happy Music Monday Guys! Today I would like to throw the spotlight on the South African and Californian electronic duo ANIMA

a fun plus 108


First previewed on to “ give you one of most intriguing listens you will have this month ”, ANIMA!’s sincere folk vocal set to a tribal electronic is captivating the US alternative scene.

Slowly revealing their identities months after a viral leak on Soundcloud,Vicente Espi is a Cape-Town born violinist-bred-producer hidden behind a Congolese bridal mask. Arielle Vakni is a Californian folk singer-songwriter crowned with folkloric feathers. The #1 New Artist on iTunes (US) on release day, their signature track ‘Breathe’quickly received 95k downloads through features on Free on iTunes (US), Beats, Spotify,, 22tracks, Nostalgic Jams, 8tracks, The Seasick, and Sound of Boston.

First performed live at The BIRN in Boston, the city where they met in a production class at Berklee College of Music, the pair speak about their influence of hearing Sylvan Esso and Damon Albarn live. ’It’s All Around’ and ‘No Mind, Never Matter’ brings a reductive electronic, african twist, and sincere vocal. A release conceptually inspired by the texts of Ram Das’ text Be Here Now, they are named after anima– meaning the psychological female in the male, breath, or soul.




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