IndieWritersReview’s Review of Lurking In The Deep Anthology ( Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing)

a fun plus 102

Book Review



#‎MyJulyReview‬ Okay guys I’m getting a jump on my July Reviews! Lol I wanted to share my thoughts on a awesome Anthology I picked up! Love having so many awesome tales in one read! So check out my thoughts on Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing‘s Lurking In The Deep Anthology!




a fun plus 101


My Thoughts

Lurking In The Deep Anthology is an enjoyable, chilling read! The stories reminded me of lovely tales told around the camp fire or when among friends. Many of the stories had the lyrical quality of folk tales that’d been handed down through generations; some meant to warn…others to instruct…but all definitely entertained the reader!

The entire collection proved to be well written, full of twists and turns! I had a few that truly caught my attention the The Reluctant Seamstress, Widow’s Cut and Crescent’s Creature! But overall each author in the anthology provided a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Excellent collection!


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