IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! 2 Spotlights! Electrical Pop Music Artist- Eves The Behavior and Steam Punk music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG!

Happy Music Monday All! Today I have two awesome Artists I’ll shine the spotlight on! First up the very talented Australian Electrical Pop Music Artist Eves The Behavior and Steam Punk music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG!


a fun plus 101

Bio: To be completed (as life goes on). a damned saint! an honourable villain!

world citizen b. 1994
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Taken from    Indie Shuffle (On-line Radio)The 20-year-old Brisbane singer clearly has a lot of momentum behind her, as evidenced by the fact that veteran group Warpaint have decided to tackle her new song “TV.” In doing so, they’ve successfully plastered her name on my radar, and I’m okay with that.Eves The Behavior recently signed to Island Records, an impressive accomplishment given the relatively small body of music under her name. They’ll be helping her release a debut EP on July 24th, so if you’re keen you can keep abreast here: Website


From Eves The Behavior  (Youtube)

Published on Feb 2, 2015

one of my favourite authors Alain de Botton says that people only start to get interesting when they rattle the bars of their cages. that idea of being inherently half as bad as we are good is something I’m fascinated by. Balance. Equal portions. Im a big advocate for twistedness, for the negative emotions I used to be inclined to push away. Boredom, frustration, obsession, hunger, melancholy. so i decided I dont want to be euphoric all the time (then I’d forget the feeling)
welcome to my space. The characters all have purpose, most are from literature. patrick bateman is in there, among others…

The new single ‘TV’ by Eves The Behavior
‘TV’ is available now on iTunes now:

Directed by Josh Logue
DOP Callan Green





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Stefan GöG

  • With his music machine inventor & musician Stefan GöG not only melts the boundaries
    between old and new, but even more merges them between man and machine.
    With his main instruments – the australian didgeridoo and the indian sitar –
    musician GöG complements the music machine to an extra-ordinary, never boring show.



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