IndieWritersReview’s Interview with Author Agatha Rae of Tangents!

Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday!:) Today I’m sharing my interview with Author Agatha Rae of Tangents!



a fun plus 102


Blurb: Rick is a successful writer living in New York City. Anna has just lost her job as a college teacher in Boston. Dan is a frustrated insurance agent from London, and Matylda is a Polish girl scout getting ready to settle in Madrid. One day, they fall asleep and when they wake up in the middle of some mysterious woods, they have only one thing in common – they all want to return home.


a fun plus 103


Face Book

Agatha Rae, (real name Joanna Bogusławska) lives in the beautiful city of Gdynia in Poland. A co-author of ESL books, and a collection of essays analyzing popular culture, she made her fiction debut in 2013 with a novel “Oenone”. Her articles have been published both in English in Polish in numerous magazines, for example: Forum for World Literature Studies or The Teacher.

A huge fan of Canadian rockers The Tea Party, cinema-goer, CD-collector and a proud owner of the cutest and coolest mutt on the planet, who is trying to put together a Charles Bukowski PhD (Agatha, not the mutt, the mutt decided to quit her education and focus on searching the purpose in life). Agatha is currently working a novella Don’t Close Your Eyes and the second volume of Tangents for Firefly and Wisp and two ESL projects for Polish market.



Author name – Agatha Rae

Face Book


Please tell us about your current release.  I have always been a fan of dramatic stories, ones that get the characters out of their comfort zones, force them to face their fears, or to make decisions, or both. The idea of people waking up in some parallel universe, seeking their way back, had been already in my head about two years prior to the moment I actually started writing it down. I knew I  wanted to have a few characters coming from different places, from different times, working together, building a team, in order to survive and try to come back home. The concept itself was older than “Oenone”, but before writing it, I had to grow a bit as an author, because I knew “Tangents” was supposed to be an original, mature, multi-plot story, and I had to know if I had the skills to create it. “Oenone’s” fantastic reviews allowed me to pursue the concept, because the readers have given me a confirmation I needed, that I can write, that they like my style, my creativity, my ideas, and so I decided to take the chance. It was worth it, I am very proud of “Tangents” , and I can easily say it’s the best story I have written so far.


What inspired you to write this book?

A huge inspiration for me was Joel Kinnaman, an actor, whose work I have been following for years. I remember seeing one photo of him, it was a scan of some Swedish article I found on the Internet, in which he is wearing a causal sweater and is walking down the street, and, the moment I saw it, I knew I had Rick, one of “Tangents'” main characters. I made myself a treat of a marathon of Joel’s movies. Both Swedish and American, some of which I hadn’t seen for a long time, and, as I was writing the novel, I was able to see, to imagine, Rick’s facial expressions, gestures, moves, all of it in my head, projecting through Joel’s creations, his performances as an actor. It was an amazingly creative experience, which incredibly boosted by work, hence I decided to dedicate the book to him. 


What exciting story are you working on next? A novella “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, which I like to call is a kind of “King meets Kafka” story. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions. And facing their consequences.


Writing life:

When did you first consider yourself a writer? I consider myself an author rather than a writer. If writing ever becomes my full-time job, then I will be able to think of myself as a writer.


Fun: (What do you do when not writing?) I love going to the cinema, I go every week, sometimes even more often. I love listening to music, and spending time with my friends.


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A film director


Anything additional you want to share with the readers? I really hope I am at the very beginning of my writing path. I have many ideas in my head, writing is something I love doing, so I fingers crossed I am here for a while.

(Fav’s)Coffee or Tea Rather tea, coffee is a good companion during a meeting in the downtown when I can sit and chat with people.

(Fav’s) Fall/Spring Oh, spring, definitely

Early Bird/LateNight Diva?   Late night!

Favorite Reads authors? Stephen King, Tennessee Williams, Charles Bukowski, Bill Bryson, The Beat Generation

Favorite Series? TV I understand? Well, I usually start watching a series and in the middle of the seasons I completely lose interest, so let me just enlist the ones I managed to watch from the very first to the very last episode. Guess those would be by favorite. So: The Office (US version) – I LOVE it, makes me laugh every time, no matter the season, no matter the episode, I simply love the characters, then: The Killing ( a masterpiece, hands down), True Blood, The Tudors, Due South, Breaking Bad.

Book Boyfriends?  Nah, I’m not that kind of a reader

Writing Rituals (Must have Quirks when writing)? Music playing! I can’t write in silence! Most preferably jazz, but also some ambient/electronic music like Thievery Corporation or Royksopp

Greatest experience since being published? Having my book published not only in the US, but also in Sweden

What do you wish readers to take from the experience of reading your works? Forgetting about the real world around them


Advice for new writers?  Actually, I’d love a piece of advice myself. Or two!


Most interesting writing experience? Everything about writing is great, but the best thing so far was the Lexington, KY Comic Con I attended together with Firefly And Wisp Books. Meeting people, telling them about my book, signing them for them, a fantastic feeling.










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