IndieWritersReview Review Feature! Author Agatha Rae’s Tangents!

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on an awesome read from my MonthlyReview Feature which I usually share on Face Book! But I thought I’d also share the love here!

Please check out my review below for Author Agatha Rae‘s Tangents!


a fun plus 102


Blurb: Rick is a successful writer living in New York City. Anna has just lost her job as a college teacher in Boston. Dan is a frustrated insurance agent from London, and Matylda is a Polish girl scout getting ready to settle in Madrid. One day, they fall asleep and when they wake up in the middle of some mysterious woods, they have only one thing in common – they all want to return home.



a fun plus 103


Face Book

Agatha Rae, (real name Joanna Bogusławska) lives in the beautiful city of Gdynia in Poland. A co-author of ESL books, and a collection of essays analyzing popular culture, she made her fiction debut in 2013 with a novel “Oenone”. Her articles have been published both in English in Polish in numerous magazines, for example: Forum for World Literature Studies or The Teacher.

A huge fan of Canadian rockers The Tea Party, cinema-goer, CD-collector and a proud owner of the cutest and coolest mutt on the planet, who is trying to put together a Charles Bukowski PhD (Agatha, not the mutt, the mutt decided to quit her education and focus on searching the purpose in life). Agatha is currently working a novella Don’t Close Your Eyes and the second volume of Tangents for Firefly and Wisp and two ESL projects for Polish market.



I’m a huge fan of mysteries, suspense and psychological puzzles in books, movies and television shows. I was a huge fan of the show Lost with it’s odd array of characters whose lives had intersected in very unforeseen and minute detailed ways!

The same thrill I had while watching the show, I felt while reading this story! Wow! I do not wish to give spoilers, and plus I’m not sure I could give it justice if I tried…Lol but I will same that there are four very different, yet appealing characters that as a reader you will grow to become interested in.

They are placed in strange circumstances and the story is told by the author in the present as well as visiting each of the character’s lives. So there’s that puzzle for the reader! Lol How and why are these characters connected and how and why were they out of all others chosen?!

Well written, interesting characters, gripping plot with twists and turns, drama and adventure…the author has created a vibrant world that will keep the reader hooked!

A must read!


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