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a fun plus 101


Drama / Suspense
Date Published – June 2013
Lady of the Manor is an epic tale of misery for Richard Creek. It is the story of how his mother, Rosemary, makes life miserable for him, his family, and many citizens of Savannah. The novel takes places during the summer of 1958 in a beautiful mansion. Secrets begin to unravel for the Creek family as they continue a summer filled with rape, murder, and indiscretions. Someone must prohibit the Lady of the Manor from her continuous oppression.  But, does anyone have the courage to try?
The one woman who was supposed to love him was the one person who tried to destroy him. Richard Creek finally took a stand against his abusive mother, Rosemary, in the fall of 1929, leading to nearly three decades of her merciless tyranny. He has to decide how to protect his children from the omnipotent hand of the Lady of the Manor while they dwell beneath the same roof. Tensions overflow in this atypical home in Savannah, Georgia during the blazing summer of 1958.
71-year old Rosemary (Rosey) Isabella Creek is the cruel and ruthless matriarch of Creek Manor who carries out her malevolent deeds with the help of her loyal butler, Rayford Caruthers, whom she continually degrades for being an albino black man with atrocious English. Her only friend is Pop Barnes, who along with Rosemary’s brother, are the only ones who seem to remember a softer, lovelier ‘Rosey’. She lords over her only son, Richard, a 43-year old banker; his wife, 42-year old Helen; and their five children: the twins; Hilary and Taylor, along with Kimberly, Reginald, and Brock.
The patience of everyone is tested with each of Rosemary’s taunts as they try to understand the nature and reason of her cruelty. As more details of her past are revealed, it only further complicates their comprehension. Will she ever transform into a woman that they can love?
Adrian Heflin is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with an accounting degree. He is a former banker and security guard. He began his writing career with short stories, eventually evolving to novels. Adrian has published four books and is in the planning stage of several others. Lady of the Manor (ISBN: 978-1490416434) a family saga and Devil Town (ISBN: 978-1490523392) an urban fiction novel was published in 2013. E.M.A. Chronicles (ISBN: 978-1491078341) a collection of short stories and The Untrackables: Zhang Rule (ISBN: 978-1491077863) a political thriller were both published in 2014.
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a fun plus 101
I am a huge fan of  Southern Gothic tales relaying  familial dramas in large houses with long-held secrets. Lady Of The Manor, fits the description perfectly! Oh my goodness, I never thought I could hate a character as much as I did Rosemary (Rosey) Isabella Creek! Lol, the Author did an incredible job with forming a complex, seemingly beyond comprehension, evilness in a  character! Wow! The novel had an interplay of raw, gritty beauty. The haunting, lyrical prose and incredible character development, made for a read I simply could not put down once I started reading!
 In the book, bits and pieces are presented to present the idea, that Rosemary had not always been a vindictive, cruel, sadistic woman. I believe what made the things Rosemary afflicted particularly upon her son Richard, then his family (a wife and five kids) who come to live with Rosemary, appear so horrific is due to the conflict of the ideal Mother. Lady Of The Manor simply contradicts what we expect a mother would be, loving, selfless, protective and kind to her family, instead of the vile, loathsome Matriarch Rosemary. Now, Rosemary afflicted shame, pain and torture on everyone, especially her long-suffering butler Rayford Caruthers. Rosemary had one “friend” Pop Barnes, who in his own way, was able to handle Rosemary.
I do see it as ingenious of the Author that under all of this unpleasantness in a character, Mr. Heflin gives peeks and glimpses of a different Rosemary. This shows signs of a gifted writer, who can bring a character to almost the point of No Return, with a reader, then snatch  the character back from the edge, bringing redemption of that character in the Reader’s eyes!
The Author brings in the secrets of Rape, Murder, Lies that loom around the residents of the Manor. Power, Money and control are the tools the Lady Of The Manor lashes on all she believes beneath her. but soon events come to a boil, threatening to destroy all in its wake!
Love this read! Love, Love it! I do hope there will be more shared on Rosemary and what caused her to change from a loving, beautiful young woman to one of hate and anger!
Well written, gripping and excellent suspense, a must read for all those who enjoy Family Dramas, Mystery/Suspense!

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