IndieWritersReview Welcomes Occult .45 by Nick Carcano! (RAVBT) (Excerpt/Review Feature)

Happy Monday All!  IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday will return next Monday. Today I have the pleasure participating as a host for Occult .45 by Author Nick Carcano! (Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours!) Please check out the awesome excerpt and also take a peek of my review of this awesome read!


a fun plus 101


Nick Carcano – Occult .45 – Virtual Book Tour

Date Published: June 1, 2014
Preston Cobb is always looking to make a quick buck selling any kind of gun he can get his hands on, but when the denizens of the weird west get in the way, Preston’s his own best customer. Now collected in one omnibus, join Preston as he faces an ancient evil in the snowy Sierra Nevadas in ABOMINABLE, finds romance and bloody mystery in Nevada mining country in SILVER MOON, and squares off with the undead south of the border in DEAD TO RITES. Finally, Cobb finds retirement more exciting than he’d like in an exclusive bonus short story: GUNRUNNER TO THE STARS.
Nick Carcano
Nick Carcano spent his childhood pulling cactus out of his feet and listening to coyotes howl in the California high desert. He speaks rusty Mandarin and Spanish. When he’s not writing his day job involves literally saving the world, which sometimes involves shooting zombies, but usually involves a lot of e-mail.  If you like dim sum, RPGs, sci-fi, or corgis, you should be his friend.  He’s currently working on The Big Weird One a series of sci-fi/horror short stories set during WWII and will release his first novel, Boom: A Wild West Heist, in fall 2015. 
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Amazon: (Available on Kindle, paperback, and as an audiobook)
a fun plus 102

“Reminds me of my first wedding!” I said.

The lock on the chapel doors gave a long, ear-curdling screech and shattered. The doors burst open, knocking the stacked pews aside. In a haze of dust, the undead appeared, swarming through the opening, groans rising in triumph.

I turned the hand-crank and fire spewed out of the barrel of the Gatling gun. I swept it back and forth across the opening of the church doors. Skulls exploded, bodies jerked and limbs separated as hundreds of bullets shredded through the mass. The first rank of the ghouls disappeared in a pink haze and I kept firing at the vague silhouettes behind them. Bullet casings rained down on the adobe floor and I cursed and shook my leg as a smoking cartridge landed in my shoe.

Over the thunder of the gun firing round after round, Sister Cardona asked, “Emilio Vega and Ana Lucia Ana Lucia, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? Will you love and honor-”

“Get to the I-Do’s!” I yelled, turning the crank faster while the undead shambled over their fallen brethren. The Gatling cut through the undead like a sawmill through a log, but there was a whole forest of corpses shambling through the double doors. Sister Ruiz and Sister Ybarra loaded as fast as possible, but the gun began to sputter when the feeds ran dry. The undead spread out from the edge of the door and I turned the gun in wider arcs.

“Do you Emilio Vega, take Ana Lucia Ana Lucia to be your wife? Do you promise to be true-”

“Faster!” I yelled. The nuns fired their shotguns at the ghouls I was missing. Sister Purificación sat with her back against one wall of the church, firing her rifle again and again. She shot a corpse through the eye and it fell onto her shattered legs. She screamed.


book review



Fun, Fun, Fun that is what comes to mind in this no hold No Holds Barred jaunt onto the plains of the Weird Wild West! Lol, The book is  made up of 4 short stories about gunrunning in the weird west.  The main character Preston Cobb, is somewhat a conman, who sells any guns that comes into his possession to the Townespeople in Sierra Nevadas. He is considered  at the beginning something of a Yellow Belly, but when he encounters all sorts of nefarious paranormal creatures, he is put to the test and shows his true grit and ability, in only Preston’s way!:)

There’s everything in the book from Ancient Evil, Zombies, Lycanthropes, and yes, oh yes, Nuns with Guns! Woot Lol

The stories have a great flow, there’s action and adventure, some romance and lots of spooky stuff to entertain and thrill a reader!

Well written, awesome flow…Mr. Carcano is a wonderful storyteller! I truly look forward to more from this author!




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