IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! New Song/Hot News: Hip Hop Artist X-Phaze!

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! Today I’m excited to share the newest release from Hip Hop Artist X-Phaze as well as check in a little with the Artist to find out all about his new projects! So check it out:) Plus make sure to check out the FREE DOWNLOAD of Flying Without Wings at the bottom of the page! (Offered on Sound Cloud)


a fun plus 101


The Meaning

“X” resembles the unexpected and the anomalous. It is the unknown. It is the variable that seems as if it has no vitality but when the true meaning is discovered it is, in fact, extremely powerful, leaving a person oblivious of what to expect. “Phaze” signifies the phases encountered throughout life that fuse together with the inability to be fazed.










X-Phaze ”  About the background on the songs, Flying Without Wings is actually the sequel to Hold Me in a three-part series I have building up (with one more following this one). The meaning behind “Hold Me” is that there were people “holding me” back from reaching my goal, but, at the same time, the people who were holding me back were actually the people holding me up…because they motivated me to prove them wrong. That’s why there was a hand reaching out in the album cover. In “Flying Without Wings”, I was not being held up anymore because I lost the positive and even the negative support, I began to fall. As a background for the song, one way that a person can interpret “flying without wings” is through a person who has the ability to fly without wings (like a superhero of some sort). But in actuality, I am flying without wings, as in I am falling. So I set the album cover up to make it look like I was flyingupward but when you look at it upside down, you see what is actually happening. 

Also, in other news, I entered this competition held by TeamBackPack (one of the biggest independent artist platforms in the world). I had to submit a live audition using one of their beats.
I was selected by them to go to the next round and I will be going to LA next month to compete in the live cypher. If I make it through the next round, I get to be in one of their official cypher with some of the best underground hip-hop artists out there.
There you have it folks, go show some love and check  out this very talented Artist newest release!  Also from IndieWritersReview we offer a big congrats to X-Phaze for his win and wishing him best of luck in the next round of the competition!

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