IndieWritersReview’s Book Reviews! Spotlight! God’s Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș and Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed!

Guys thought I’d share my thoughts on a few reads from January/February that I had on my Kindle. (‪#‎MyMarchReviews‬).



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God’s Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș (All Proceeds go  Grab a copy on Amazon!

God’s Buried Children follows the life of children discarded and forgotten about in 1980’s Romania attempting to survive life on the streets in a brutal regime. We follow the events through the eyes of young Daniel, which this account is based on the author’s actual experience.

The story is strong, language is cutting and truly not for the faint of heart. There is incredible violence and bloodshed in the story reflecting the children’s fight to live. The most difficult for me in the book’s reading were the passages which explained how those closest to young Daniel had been forced into unspeakable acts against others in the name of protecting themselves and survival.
The fact this is counted as more nonfiction than fiction makes for a heart rending read knowing that this type of lifestyle is happening for those so very young.
I believe the story is very engrossing, the language is raw, strong and not for the light of heart.
The author created an engrossing read which speaks for many of those who were lost.


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‪#‎Review‬ One Of My New Favorite Reads!

Review (‪#‎MyMarchReviews‬)

“Is it any wonder that I became a bank robber?” —Robin- (Robin in the Hood)


Fun Fun Fun is all I can say about Robin in the Hood! This is not another poor little rich girl saga! Nope, this girl has a plan! Lol. The story starts off with Robin being the little rich girl in the boarding school, fancy clothes and unlimited credit cards. The pampered princess of her rich lawyer father. But when her father has a stroke, then the world as Robin knows it crumbles and reality sets in. Her step mom leaves and people her father owes are after him while he lies in the hospital. So Robin breaks her father out, steals a car and tries to get her dad to safety. They get as far as Turtle Shores Trailer Park.

There Robin encounters a group who normally wouldn’t even register on her radar. Led by a gorgeous boy named Creek, Robin’s old prejudices kicks in and she takes a dislike to Creek and doesn’t want anything to do with him. But the wild bunch at Turtle Shores takes Robin and her father in and Robin soon learns that Creek is a modern day Robin Hood who does what is necessary to protect his brother and the rest of his unusual family.

Robin and Creek team up together to provide for and protect their own (they try their hand at bank robbing!). She grows to love the protective Creek and the odd characters of Turtle Shores…(yes, there are a few dynamite happy folks there Lol). But also there’s plenty of magic and beauty within the community!

The story is a wild fun ride, especially the parts where the group schemes to get money and the read is filled with action, romance and parts of it is hilarious!

I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Creek and Robin, and also how Robin matures and discovers there are ways to be rich without a lot of possessions.

There are a few sad events happening as well, but overall the author mixes the story to create a truly enjoyable reading experience!

Well written, and fun I look forward to the rest in the series!


Author Bio

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Bestselling author Diane J. Reed has a Ph.D. in English & has always had a passion for books—whether popular, forgotten, or literary—as long as they touch her soul & make her want to tuck them under her pillow at night to remember in her dreams. She writes novels that are infused with enchantment, where characters dare to break through boundaries and believe in true love. She also has a soft spot for artisans & outlaws of the heart, those who burn brightly to live each day as a gift—because it is! She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to visit her at or message her here to share the whispers of your spirit.




2 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Book Reviews! Spotlight! God’s Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș and Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed!

  1. Thank you so much for your kind & thoughtful review! And just to let you know, Robin in the Hood will be FREE for the first time ever on KINDLE from March 20-24, 2015! For anyone who loves YA & NA books, this is the perfect chance to grab a free ebook!

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