IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! Alternative Music Artist Saint Saviour!

Happy Music Monday All! Today I want to throw the spotlight on UK Alternative Music Artist Becky Jones known as Saint Saviour!


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Saint Saviour is from Teeside and sings, writes and produces music. Formerly of Groove Armada, most notably collaborating on the Grammy Nominated ‘Black Light’ she moved on to a solo career in 2012, self releasing 2x EP’s and a debut album ‘Union’.

Album #2 ‘In The Seams’ came out on Nov 3rd 2014, having been produced by Bill Ryder Jones and recorded at Parr St studios with Manchester Camerata. It is an album Saint Saviour is very, very proud of.





IndieWritersReview Welcomes Murdery, Mystery, & Dating Mayhem by D E Haggerty (Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours)

Hello Guys I am excited to participate as a host for today’s Excerpt Feature for D E Haggerty – Murdery, Mystery, & Dating Mayhem – Virtual Book Tour (Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours). Check it out below!

D E Haggerty – Murdery, Mystery, & Dating Mayhem – Virtual Book Tour

Humorous Chick Lit with a Dash of Murder/Mystery
Date Published: March 1, 2015

My name is Izzy. I drink too much, am clumsier than a newborn foal, and my brain-to-mouth filter often malfunctions. My daredevil husband killed himself in a parachuting accident five years ago and my best friend Jack has decided it’s time I jump back in the dating pool. He’s perfectly happy to throw me in if I don’t listen. Just when things in the dating world start to heat up, my grandma dies. Only her knitting group of Jessica Fletcher wannabes is sure it’s murder. I’m not convinced but I’m always up for a bit of excitement as long as it doesn’t lead to a night in jail. Well, more than one night anyway. Will I miss my chance at love because I’m chasing imaginary killers? Did someone really kill grandma or am I and my merry band of geriatric thieves imagining things?



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D.E. Haggerty

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but think I’m a European. After spending my senior year of high school in Germany, I developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. My flying Dutch husband and I have lived in Ohio, Virginia, the Netherlands, Germany and now Istanbul. We still haven’t decided if we want to settle down somewhere – let alone where. Although I’ve been a military policewoman, a commercial lawyer, and a B&B owner, I think with writing I may have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. That’s assuming I ever grow up, of course. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune, drinking entirely too many adult beverages, and reading books like they are going out of style, I write articles for a local expat magazine and various websites, review other indie authors’ books, write a blog about whatever comes to mind and am working on my fifth book.








IndieWritersReview Welcomes SEAMS IN REALITY by Alex Siegel (Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours!)

Hello Guys I am excited to participate as a host for today’s Spotlight Feature for  SEAMS IN REALITY by Alex Siegel (Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours!) Check it out below!


Young Adult Fantasy / Thriller
Date Published: Sept 26, 2014 & December 25 2014

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SEAMS IN REALITY is the first book in the Seams in Reality Series.
As a freshman in a suburban college near Chicago, Andrew leads a mundane life until he meets a professor named Tonya. She is secretly a master sorcerer, and she invites him into a conspiracy of magic. Only those few who possess exceptional talent may join. A resourceful young woman named Charley has the same supernatural gift. She accompanies Andrew on his journey into a dark profession, and romance quickly blooms between the young apprentices. When Andrew meets Blake, a sorcerer who knew his grandfather, Andrew becomes embroiled in a game of lies and treachery. Blake’s thirst for power leaves a trail of casualties, and in the end, only Andrew can stop him.

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CRACKS IN REALITY is the second book in the Seams in Reality Series.
The Vault is a fortress in the desert protected by the United States Army, and it contains the most dangerous, forbidden secrets of sorcery. Blake, master sorcerer and fugitive from justice, has a plan for robbing the place. He will create a tangled web of lies to trick the Army into delivering the treasure into his hands. He intends to use the stolen knowledge to destroy his enemies and become the most powerful sorcerer on Earth.
Two apprentices are on a mission to kill Blake. Andrew is a war mage, a genius at psychic combat. Charley is a young woman who commands physical sorcery. Their instructor, Tonya, will turn the two teenagers into warriors capable of defeating Blake, if they can endure the extreme mental and physical tests.
Tonya’s training is just the beginning for Andrew and Charley. They must discover Blake’s hidden objectives, and they don’t have much time. A government agency called the Bureau of Physical Investigation has the same assignment, but the agents are unprepared for the dangers they will face. Other surprising threats await the apprentices as they pursue their enemy along a trail of bloodshed.
About the Author

Alex Siegel grew up a math and computer geek. At the age of twenty-five, he received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell. He continues to make a good living as a software developer in Chicago. In his late twenties, he took up creative writing as a serious pastime with the intention of eventually making it his career. This goal has been elusive, but failure is not an option. In 2001, his wife gave birth to triplet boys. People often ask him how he still finds time to write. In 2009, he began the Gray Spear Society series, and he hopes it will be his key to literary fame.
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$10 Amazon Gift Card
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IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! Alternative Soul Music Artist Live Hart!

Happy Music Monday Guys! Today I’m throwing the spotlight on Alternative Soul Music Artist Live Hart!



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Download full EPK

“I think of myself first and foremost as a songwriter. I love to tell stories through song and melody, simply using the guitar as a vehicle to convey those stories.”

There are some folks who feel a deep sense of calling, to pursue a passion that lies within them no matter the cost. For some, those passions lead to religious pursuits, for others it’s a journey into a life in medicine or theater. For rising New Jersey-born singer-songwriter, that calling has and always will be a life in music, of unveiling her heart’s stories through song. And on her debut solo recording Honesty, Hart does just that, delivering rich, heartfelt tales alongside a rich combination of Soul, Folk, Pop with a pinch of R&B that she’s dubbed, “Alternative Soul.”

It’s a record that has literally been a lifetime in the making, with Hart’s first exposure coming as a youngster in school, taking up various instruments with her parent’s encouragement and support. But it was when she joined Pop/R&B girl group Urbanesque that the thoughts of a life in music took greater hold as for four years she collaborated, performed, and earned valuable experience working with the likes of producer Veit Renn (Backstreet Boys, N’Sync). But when the group came to its end, Hart found herself back at the beginning and doing some real soul-searching.

“Once the group disbanded,” she shares, “I really started taking my solo efforts seriously because music is what I’ve always wanted to do. And there was nothing else that was really completing me at the time. I went back to school, I worked different jobs, but ultimately, I was left feeling empty and unfulfilled and it was because music wasn’t part of my life full-time.”

With that realization, Hart set about focusing on her music, writing, recording, and continuing to hone her skills on the guitar. She teamed with producer Shaun Fisher (Mandy Moore, Gloria Estefan), who, over the course of three years, would pour his knowledge into her, giving her the needed confidence and tools to press forward.

“Shaun Fisher is my true mentor and is someone who really believed in me three years ago, really taking a chance writing and creating the album with me.”

It was time well spent as Hart’s newfound dedication found her slowly climbing the ladder, garnering high profile opportunities to open for artists like Monica, Jagged Edge, David Cook, and Jon McLaughlin, among many others. Each and every opportunity found the artist adding to her toolbox, learning each time out and honing her chops that much more.

And it’s on Honesty that all of that hard work pays off.

Boasting influences and sonic textures that recall artists as diverse as John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Sara Bareilles, and India.Arie, Hart’s debut ripples with its namesake, the songs featured showcasing slices of the artist’s life experiences. Throughout tracks like the warmly colored, emotive “I’m Gone” and “Please Don’t Say It’s Over,” the album’s first single, Hart lays bare tales of broken relationships and love gone wrong. In contrast, highlight “Take Me” delivers a high energy rock edge alongside tales of her parent’s support of her dream while “Summer Love” continues to deliver diversity, an electronic Pop vibe rolling over an autobiographical tale of early love and infatuation. The result is a record that showcases many sides of the same prism that is Live Hart, each facet unique and shining with promise.

And it’s that promise that keeps the artist going.

“That’s my thought process when I wake up every day,” she offers. “It’s like, ‘Okay, music is my life and I’m about to go touch people with it, move people, and inspire people with it.”

With Honesty, Live Hart is living out that dream and she invites you to come alongside her, connecting with the music and drawing encouragement from her heartfelt tales of love, loss, and that ever present search for independence.

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Please Don’t Say It’s Over Music Video

IndieWritersReview’s Book Review Spotlight! YA Sci-Fi Awoken (The Lucidites, #1) by Sarah Noffke and Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer by Ali Maier!

Okay Guys I have a couple more reads from my Kindle tbr from January/February so thought I’d share my thoughts:O) ‪#‎MyMarchReviews‬

First up the fast paced YA Sci-Fi Awoken (The Lucidites, #1) by Sarah Noffke



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My Thoughts

Teen Roya Stark thought herself a normal teenager. She lost herself in books to escape the unhappiness of her life. Soon she discovers that she is a part of a society called Lucidites,where the members have the ability to travel through dreams. Roya is told that she is the one prophesied to defeat the evil Zhuang bent on destroying her world.

Roya is taken to the Lucidites headquarters where she and a group of other young people with special abilities are taken through life risking challenges to prepare themselves for fighting. There Roya faces mental, emotional and physical obstacles that force her to discover who she really is and to cultivate that strength for the battle ahead. Along the way she finds friendship and the buds of romance which challenges her on a totally different level!

Awoken tells the tale of Roya’s world full of darkness and light, a beautifully constructed world that lies adjacent to our own but light-years away!

I enjoyed the richness of the world building by the author and the characters I admired for their strength and courage. Roya started out brittle and angry, but becomes the hero she is destined to become…

The story is well written and the action continuous! I truly enjoyed the twist and turns and I found myself sucked into Roya’s adventure!

I fully recommend this exciting sci-fi adventure!

Grab from Amazon here!



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Sarah Noffke is the author of The Lucidite Series. She’s been everything from a corporate manager to a hippie. Her taste for adventure has taken her all over the world. If you can’t find her at the gym, then she’s probably at the frozen yogurt shop. If you can’t find her there then she probably doesn’t want to be found. She is a self-proclaimed hermit, with spontaneous urges to socialize during full moons and when Mercury is in retrograde. Sarah lives in Southern California with her family.




And my second ‪#‎MyMarchReview‬ is the fresh and fun…Mom Made Us Write This In The Summer by Ali Maier. 

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My Thoughts

So fun! I enjoyed this charming read about 10 year old twins Max and Maggie who were instructed by their mother to write 12 journal entries over the summer. The two siblings often quarreled, so their mother’s hope that their writings would bring a better understanding between the two became the goal.

The fresh and unique journal style entries made for a fast paced trip through the thoughts, dreams and plans of the twins. Their varying personalities became apparent through their choice of topics and each voice of the kids rang true.

Sporty Max and Maggie the fashionista styles shone clearly on the pages. Many times the same situation was told by the differing points of view which allowed the reader to connect with both of the children.

Each entry had accompanying doodles which added to the reading experience.

I think this a funny and very enjoyable read which many of all ages could enjoy!



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Max & Maggie creator Ali Maier knows a great story. As an avid volunteer, hands-on mom and former teacher, Ali has spent years working with children, experiencing their life stories and crafting her own.

Ali grew up in Pennsylvania with her parents and an older sister. Separated by only 17 months, Ali and her sister experienced many of the same events, teachers and friends, as well as all of the fun and challenges that come with sibling relationships.

Today, Ali and her husband have two children who are close in age and share the same kind of close relationship (and the same kind of challenges!).

The most important part of Ali’s life is her family. She is blessed with a loving husband, children, parents and extended family that are a constant source of love and laughter.

Mom Made Us Write This shows a unique and funny understanding of the loving (and not-so-loving) relationship between close siblings and their family.

IndieWritersReview Welcomes YA Science Fiction Event! A Multi-Author Event and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!

Hello Everyone, I’m so happy to participate as a host for this event! Check out the details below!

Science Fiction is the hottest genre right now. Add in some best selling authors and Young Adult books and you have an event not to be missed. So come celebrate these awesome YA Science Fiction Authors with us! Giveaways, book exclusives, games and more! Young Adult Science Fiction Multi-Author Event March 19th from 5:30-9PM. You can enter the big $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway at the bottom of this post! Don’t miss it!

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Schedule of events!

5:30-6:00 – Angela Scott
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7:00-7:30 – Lee Strauss
7:30-8:00 – Pavarti K Tyler
8:00-8:30 – Susan Kaye Quinn
8:30-9:00 – Joel Ohman

9:00 – Pavarti (Announce Rafflecopter winners – Enter at the bottom of this post!)

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IndieWritersReview’s Book Reviews! Spotlight! God’s Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș and Robin in the Hood by Diane J. Reed!

Guys thought I’d share my thoughts on a few reads from January/February that I had on my Kindle. (‪#‎MyMarchReviews‬).



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God’s Buried Children by Daniel Farcaș (All Proceeds go  Grab a copy on Amazon!

God’s Buried Children follows the life of children discarded and forgotten about in 1980’s Romania attempting to survive life on the streets in a brutal regime. We follow the events through the eyes of young Daniel, which this account is based on the author’s actual experience.

The story is strong, language is cutting and truly not for the faint of heart. There is incredible violence and bloodshed in the story reflecting the children’s fight to live. The most difficult for me in the book’s reading were the passages which explained how those closest to young Daniel had been forced into unspeakable acts against others in the name of protecting themselves and survival.
The fact this is counted as more nonfiction than fiction makes for a heart rending read knowing that this type of lifestyle is happening for those so very young.
I believe the story is very engrossing, the language is raw, strong and not for the light of heart.
The author created an engrossing read which speaks for many of those who were lost.


Author Bio

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Author Website






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‪#‎Review‬ One Of My New Favorite Reads!

Review (‪#‎MyMarchReviews‬)

“Is it any wonder that I became a bank robber?” —Robin- (Robin in the Hood)


Fun Fun Fun is all I can say about Robin in the Hood! This is not another poor little rich girl saga! Nope, this girl has a plan! Lol. The story starts off with Robin being the little rich girl in the boarding school, fancy clothes and unlimited credit cards. The pampered princess of her rich lawyer father. But when her father has a stroke, then the world as Robin knows it crumbles and reality sets in. Her step mom leaves and people her father owes are after him while he lies in the hospital. So Robin breaks her father out, steals a car and tries to get her dad to safety. They get as far as Turtle Shores Trailer Park.

There Robin encounters a group who normally wouldn’t even register on her radar. Led by a gorgeous boy named Creek, Robin’s old prejudices kicks in and she takes a dislike to Creek and doesn’t want anything to do with him. But the wild bunch at Turtle Shores takes Robin and her father in and Robin soon learns that Creek is a modern day Robin Hood who does what is necessary to protect his brother and the rest of his unusual family.

Robin and Creek team up together to provide for and protect their own (they try their hand at bank robbing!). She grows to love the protective Creek and the odd characters of Turtle Shores…(yes, there are a few dynamite happy folks there Lol). But also there’s plenty of magic and beauty within the community!

The story is a wild fun ride, especially the parts where the group schemes to get money and the read is filled with action, romance and parts of it is hilarious!

I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Creek and Robin, and also how Robin matures and discovers there are ways to be rich without a lot of possessions.

There are a few sad events happening as well, but overall the author mixes the story to create a truly enjoyable reading experience!

Well written, and fun I look forward to the rest in the series!


Author Bio

a fun plus 105

Bestselling author Diane J. Reed has a Ph.D. in English & has always had a passion for books—whether popular, forgotten, or literary—as long as they touch her soul & make her want to tuck them under her pillow at night to remember in her dreams. She writes novels that are infused with enchantment, where characters dare to break through boundaries and believe in true love. She also has a soft spot for artisans & outlaws of the heart, those who burn brightly to live each day as a gift—because it is! She loves to hear from readers, so feel free to visit her at or message her here to share the whispers of your spirit.