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Author  Danielle Lee Zwissler


a fun plus 101

This is me, and I write romantic comedies.

Hi, I’m Danielle, and I love the sound of laughter. I like the way people look when they laugh, the gleam in their eyes, and the sound of the chuckle as their bellies move up and down. I love the way a smile looks after a laugh. The thought of my books bringing people to tears because of something that I have written makes me undeniably happy. This book, “A Baby This Christmas”, is the kind of book that will not only make you laugh, but it will make you smile in that romantic-Christmassy-love-sappy kind of way. And I dig it.

A Baby This Christmas: This is the very first book in the Second Volume of the Christmas or if I should be political, Holiday, Romance Collection.  This is a novella, and it also includes the very first chapter of a new story that I am writing called, Runaway Bride and Groom.

I wrote this story thinking of my own age of 36, and how I would have been if I didn’t have my children yet. Luckily for me, I found my husband early, and we started our family with no problems.

Some questions that have been asked…

Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas from life. I have so much going on in my own life on a daily basis that it isn’t hard to come up with a topic. I people watch at the mall, at work, and at the school when I go pick up my children at the end of the day. People are everywhere, and are very easy to peg. I often wonder what people are talking about when I watch them. I picture different situations, different struggles and write about them. The idea part is easy, the execution—not so much.

Do you have any books planned for 2015?

Yes, do I ever. I have several. I have two books that I have had nothing but trouble loading onto Amazon. A Puppy for Christmas, which was promised weeks ago, and Served, which has been loaded time and again, and for some reason, I can’t get the thing to link up. I have been assured though that it will be fine. It has been checked. Fingers crossed.

I have three book series planned to start. One is called the Brides. This series will be nothing but weddings. This will be an ongoing series, and I don’t have a total of books to give you, other than I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. So far, I have 4 novels (not novellas) planned.

Heartland Medical: This is my medical drama novella series. It will be coming out very soon.

I am in two anthologies from the publisher Books to Go Now! The first one is about Monsters, and the second one is about Mistletoe…you definitely don’t want to miss these.

I am also going to put out the third book of the Daniels Dynasty this year. It will be finished closer to the end of 2015, but it will make you happy. It has been completely rewritten from its original manuscript.

I have a rerelease of my first book with Firefly & Wisp, and that is “Her Last Chance”.

I also have a surprise announcement that I will be giving sometime this summer!  Details are not to be discussed yet.


What are your major influences? 

My husband, television, movies, cowboys, country music, English accents, horses, and laughter.



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a fun plus 102

A Baby this Christmas: Operation Baby: Jenna Wheeler has a plan…a baby before she misses her chance. She also has a problem…she hasn’t met a guy that is marriage and family material, so artificial insemination is the only logical step. Until she makes a big splash with William Cartwright, CEO of Worldwide Electronics; at first he takes offence at her quirky, yet strong-willed demeanor, but soon finds himself intrigued, and then obsessed with this beautiful but peculiar waitress. Can he stop her from going through with her plan, and make her Mrs. Cartwright? Will Jenna really do this on her own, or can she trust this millionaire prick to grow up, and make the kind of commitment that she’s been yearning for? Throw in some mistletoe, and some Christmas hijinks, and anything can happen in this ‘laugh out loud’ love triangle of two in ‘A Baby this Christmas’.



a fun plus 105

A Baby This Christmas

Danielle Lee Zwissler

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Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the book…


“It’s not about needing, Jenna. I can tell that you want a man there. And what are you going to tell this child when it asks about its father?”

“I will tell it the truth! I wanted to have a baby so much that I found a way.”

“You have answers to everything, Jenna. I’m going to go lay down. You know how I feel about this,” Peg said, turning off the stove and pulling the last tray of cookies out of the oven. “I know you’re upset, but this is not the answer.”


Author Note: I remember talking to one of my friends a long time ago, and she would always blame every situation on herself. Every reason why she didn’t have a boyfriend was because she wasn’t good enough, and how she needed a man to survive…that kind of BS. I remember telling her that she wanted, not needed, and that there was a huge difference. It took her a while to see what I meant by it all. Now she is happily married with a few kids. I love my husband, but I don’t need anyone.



“I live with my mother,” she said conversationally. Bill nodded.


“She’s great, really. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of five years, so I had to move back home.”

Why is she telling me this?

“We…I’ve been having a lot of problems. I’m turning 30 this year, and I’m just a little… I don’t know, worried. Do you know what I mean?” Jenna said quickly. Her voice got higher the faster she talked. Bill watched her in amusement.  The woman was insane. What the hell was going on here!


Jenna frowned. “Well not really problems, just worries. I guess they’re typical. I mean…how old are you anyway?”

“Thi…thirty two,” Bill stammered once more.

“Oh, so you do know what I’m talking about!” Jenna looked a bit relieved and then continued, “I really want a baby. I’m feeling it, you know?”

Bill nodded. No, he really didn’t know.


Author Note: I love this part of the story because it shows how neurotic our main character is. Jenna is getting older, and she is obviously more than a little stressed out. She often talks to herself, and feels that everyone is in agreement. In all of my stories I have some kind of weirdness mapped out within the characters. Jenna is a total nut, but I love her.


“Don’t take it to heart, honey. I’m not interested.”


“You and your crying, and talking about how your clock is ticking. I heard you while I was in the bathroom. I heard what your mother said.”

Jenna flinched. She couldn’t help it, it was embarrassing. Her mother had practically wanted to throw her into the hot shower with the stranger. “You did?”

“Yes, I did, and you know what? I am not interested. I don’t want a woman with baggage, and, honey, you have loads of it.”


“I really can’t believe this,” Bill said loudly, “how long have you been stalking me?”

“Stalking you?”

“Stop repeating what I say and answer me, damn it!”

The conversation had now attracted listeners. A few of the gold plated doors opened up and people were sticking their heads out of them. Jenna’s face reddened.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, franticly.

Bill shook his head. “I want to know how long you’ve been stalking me.”

“I haven’t. I haven’t been… I don’t do that.”

“Yeah, okay, so you just happened to splash me with water then?”

“Yes.” Jenna looked at him, her eyes wide.

“Likely story.”

“What are you even talking about, I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean to, it was an accident.”

“So, taking me to your house was an accident, too?”

Jenna had never been so embarrassed. She could hear the people in the hallway muttering to one another, and she felt their stares as they bore into her. She could just imagine what those people thought on why he was at her house in the first place. “Yes, of course.”

“Of course. Why not? Because it’s completely normal to invite a complete stranger into your home.”

“Well, I felt…I thought…”

“I know what you wanted, lady. You wanted a daddy for your baby, and you knew the kind of money I brought with the package. But like I said already, lady, no thanks!”

Jenna felt as if steam would come out of her ears at any moment. Her nostrils flared and her eyes felt like they were on fire. “What! Are you kidding me right now?”

“What I want to know is what kind of woman does that?” Bill said repulsed. “That is truly disgusting.”

Jenna swallowed down her pride and looked right into Bill’s eyes. “Yeah, you’re right. I was stalking you, I have been for a while now,” she said sarcastically. “In fact, I took one look at you today and thought, hey, maybe I can splash that man, get him into my car and take him home so I can get his sperm all up in my vagina.”

Bill flinched. His face went red at the “v” word and he looked uncomfortable.

“I’ve always wanted a rich guy’s man jelly.”


Author Note: This part cracks me up every time I read it. I mixed Jenna’s craziness along with some of my own, and with the help of my own husband, we came up with a fun dialogue that is sure to at least make someone smile. (Note, I asked my husband what another word for sperm was, and he came up with Man Jelly.  It was too good a word/s to pass up.) 


a fun plus 101

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