IndieWritersReview Welcomes Say No More by Actor/Author Sal Vance (Video Feature) Maverick Promotions

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On Tour January 19th-23rd

Actor/Author Sal Vance


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Sal is a native of the city know as ‘ Brotherly Love’, Philadelphia PA. He moved to Los Angeles CA after a promising basketball career and made a name for himself through various roles in films, commercials and music videos. Coming from a large family with five brothers and sisters, Sal has learned to communicate and interpret every obstacle in his life, as well as how he’s overcome them. Using his life experience to better his craft as an actor, Sal has also channeled the pain of a difficult past into highly rewarding work with troubled teens, creating pathways for brighter futures via avocation and mentoring of inner city youth.

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About The Book

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“I wake up every morning imagining what life would have been like if I had a somewhat normal childhood, a somewhat normal adolescence or just a stable environment. I was brought up with none of the above. As humans, we are equipped with the sole survival skills to be strong in order to survive.” Sal is a teenager on a journey from his unwarranted hardship and turmoil, to a dream of making it to college and having a better life while chasing his ultimate dream to play basketball. This keeps him going through the struggle and obstacles he faces such as abuse, homelessness, poverty and starvation, but he never gives up hope for a brighter day. Finding his savior through basketball, and finding God to guide him through with faith to achieve his destiny, Sal starts his journey from Philadelphia, coming across many inspirations along the rough road he has traveled throughout the country searching for happiness and a place to call home. Can a young teen from the urban city of Philadelphia find his way out and reach his goals to end up a success, or will he just be another statistic?

a awesome vlog

Hidden Heroes Sal Vance chats with Author Arielle Caputo

( DEAP Feature)

a fun plus 101

Promotion January 05th-09th

  1. Jan.  Mon.19th- (8pmcst/9pmest) 30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio
  2. Jan.  Tues.20th Video Feature promo at  IndieWritersReview
  3. Jan.  Wed.21st- Video trailer Spotlight at IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV 
  4. Jan. Thurs.22nd- Guest Post  at Maverick Promotions 
  5. Jan.  Fri. 23rd- (8pmcst/9pmest) Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Follow Hashtag#MPTour


Maverick Promotion “Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box” ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan


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