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Author  Annie Brown


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Annie Clara Brown is a licensed social worker who holds a Baccelerate of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Montevallo and a Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Alabama. Her concentration in graduate school was children, adolescences, and families. Prior experience in the social work field includes: internships at Talladega County Department of Human Resources in Adult Protective Services, and the Cheaha Mental Health Center. Ms. Brown acquired training through the Alabama Department of Human Resources as a Family Preparation Specialist and training through the Alabama Department of Public Health as Case Manager for Diabetics and Asthmatic persons. She currently works as a hospice social worker with Lakeside Hospice in Pell City, Alabama. Ms. Brown is responsible for conducting psychosocial assessments, counseling patients and their families about end of life issues, helping patients and their families to access community resources, and conducting grief support groups as needed. Ms. Brown also works in collaboration with the Department of Veteran Affairs educating staff, community, and other veterans about the Vet to Vet Program.

Ms. Brown is a mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother. She is also a licensed minister in the AOH Church of God, Inc. She serves as secretary in her local church and is a District Sunday School Superintendent.

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a fun plus 101

“If you are searching for answers about Hospice care this is an extraordinary read. This book not only defines the who, what, when, and where of Hospice, but also tells the heartfelt stories of a humbled medical social worker making the best of heart wrenching situations. Ms. Brown addresses many of society’s questions regarding Hospice in general. She ties in her personal experiences to make an informative, yet personal, story to educate individuals and families on Hospice. I enjoyed reading about the various encounters Ms. Brown has experienced. These experiences, most of all, enlightened me to a deeper journey in Hospice Social Work. This book is a must read!”

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My Little People:A Social Worker’s Journey

Annie Clara Brown 

What’s in a Name?

“Your little people, your little people, you always have to go see your little people.” Mrs. H was a patient with dementia who was a joy to visit in her home. She loved the color red and she loved people. Mrs. H. would always ask me when I visited, “Where have you been?” She was not oriented to time; therefore, she always perceived that each visit had been a long time off; however, my visits were made every two weeks. One day, when she asked where I had been, I replied that I had been visiting my little people. She began to speak in a mimicking voice, “Your little people, your little people, you always have to go see your little people.”
From that day on, this was basically how she acknowledged me when I visited. After she said the magic words (your little people, your little people, you always have to go see your little people), most of the time she would drift off into confusion. One day she thought the leaves on the trees outside her window had faces on them.



a fun plus 101


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