IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! Edgy Pop Music Artist CALLIA BARA!

Happy Monday Guys! Here’s another Music Monday Spotlight on Artist CALLIA BARA!


a fun plus 101




CALLIA (Kuh-lee-ah) BARA is a singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, performance artist, creative director, cinephile and pop cult fanatic.  She has previously performed and sung in choir, band, ensembles, and on her own as a solo act in both Montreal’s jazz scene as well as the city’s underground performance art scene.

A songwriter at heart, she has devised a comprehensive and wide-ranging repertoire of authentic, innovative music. Her encyclopaedia-like knowledge of music is vast as she enjoys and strives to record almost any and every kind of genre and style of music. She is a big tent in the industry, capable of writing, singing & performing a variety of musical genres.

Visuals play an integral role in CALLIA’s performance – tantamount to the music. She is an illustrative artist, self-taught as well as formally educated in the artistic and social realms, including but not limited to photography, film, literature, artistic & psychological analysis and popular culture. As a performance artist, she seeks to delve deeply into issues, narratives and beauty related to both the music and the human condition.CALLIA is inspired by Old Hollywood film, glam rock, pop art, electro cabaret, big band, Frank Sinatra, Coca Cola, Elvis Presley & Jessica Rabbit.  She is lucky enough to consider legendary blues breaker Walter Trout a friend and musical mentor.

INFLUENCES include Bettie Page, Camille Paglia, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Minghella, Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Nadia Ali, Cher, Chet Baker, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Janis Joplin, Theda Bara, Kenneth Anger, Anthony Kiedis, Marilyn Manson, Leonard Cohen, Jimmi Hendrix, Madonna, The Weeknd, Amy Winehouse, Lenny Kravitz, Kanye West, Guns N’ Roses, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Schubert, Whitesnake, Mickey Avalon, Ennio Morricone, Def Leppard, Glass Candy, Iggy Pop, Jack White, Jessica Rabbit, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Luciano Pavarotti, Jim Morrison



From EQ Music Blog  “Callia is one clued-up cookie, with beauty and brains combined, heading towards the dizzier heights of notability with an encouraging repertoire of pop savvy golden melodies to razzle dazzle the performance art sector and beyond. … artistic vixen Callia Bara holds the aces.”

“Not only is Callia a right doll, of no disputable question – indeed a hot fox moreover, but there’s a lot more depth to her all encompassed creative being than the veneer of eye candy she presents.”

“An astute innovator of pop culture, fusing the mediums of visuals, photography, musicianship, and artistry”

on Music Video The One: “An alluring provocative symphony of seductive electronic ambience, which is led by her glamorously resplendent and luxurious vocals.”

From IRVING CHONG: “Callia sounds like your dreams or your nightmares, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Which is fitting because I’m not sure if Callia ever sleeps. Everyday she is posting a teaser for her upcoming project HOLLYWOOD BABYLON, a cover of one of her favourite tracks, or just a photo wishing her fans a goodnight. If her teasers are any indication she is closer to making your dreams come true than giving you nightmares. And if your dreams are silent and in black and white don’t worry Callia makes it seem like she was born in the wrong era anyways.”

From NERDY FRAMES Music Blog  “Gorgeous woman….captivating voice. I said my piece!” & “Beautiful voice, beautiful her, you will feel beautiful.”

From CONFRONT MAGAZINE “simple, hot, and complements her edgy pop…  this girl is definitely someone to watch in 2014. She’s hot, talented, and has got attitude to boot.”

From GROUNDSOUNDS “…her unique style and sound is one to look out for. Put her on your music now.”

From SwurvRadio “Callia Bara’s EP, Lovers Revue is finally here and it is dope. She has a great voice… support the beautiful songstress”

From Dani Deahl & NERDY FRAMES  “Dream pop star Callia Bara is a wonderful artist…she has that thing, that certain “it” factor that would captivate anyone within the first four bars. Hell I was sold immediately on her.”




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