IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer SHOOK!

Hello Everyone! It’s Monday so that means music! Today I’m throwing the spotlight on the music of Dutch producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer Jasper Wijnands AKA Shook and his newest release album “SPECTRUM”!


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BIO:Dutch producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer Jasper Wijnands AKA Shook is set to release second album ‘Spectrum’ on 19th November. After releasing his self-titled debut album mid-2013, Shook immediately dove back into his studio where he locked himself away for months. “I had a lot of stuff on my mind and transferred it all into my music. Before I knew it, I had enough tracks for a new album” he explains. Elaborating on the musical, more melody based direction he set out with his first album; ‘Spectrum’ explores more of his multi-facetted synthesizer sound, combining modern day production technology with musical elements and compositions stemming from the ’70s and ’80s. First single ‘Violet Hues’ is riddled with a boatload of both modern and classic synth-sounds and accompanied by smooth vocals, characterized by the vintage Shook-sound, but with a more developed musical pallet. Ransom Note coined it “Think Blonde Redhead mixed by Johnny Jewel…One of the best tracks of the year”. On latest single ‘New Horizons’, Harder Blogger Faster describes Shook “on imperious form as he weaves delicate live instrumentation against fretting guitars and doughty basslines for a seriously laid-back slice of warm disco”. His ability to blend his skills as a pure instrumentalist, as well as a university schooled producer, into a modern, popular sound, are the main ingredients for his current success. Playing classical compositions from the likes of Khachaturian and Bach in school, and practicing work from Antonio Carlos Jobim and Chick Corea in his free time, he gradually developed his own unique skillset, combining elements of classical, jazz, latin, soul, and funk. The characteristic sound partially originates from his use of historically renowned analog synthesizers, with every part recorded live in his home studio in the Netherlands. After high school, he got accepted to Codarts Rotterdam, University for the arts, where he graduated in 2009, majoring in piano as well as modern day sound engineering. Unlike fellow students, he had the luxury of already being somewhat of a fixture in the electronic community by creating and promoting his music during his free time. His first EP, 2010’s ‘The Glow’, saw Shook burst into the electro scene with a mysterious comicbook-inspired persona, which still inspires his image today. With well received remixes of Phoenix’s ‘Litztomania’, Falullah’s ‘I lay my head’ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’, he instantly acquired a name for himself. A year later he dropped his next EP ‘The Rise and Fall’, described by Mixmag as “disco-electro gold”, before his self-titled debut album topped the Bestsellers listing on Bandcamp.


New Single “MILESTONES” out now:

Shook’s Debut Album is out now:
Juno Download:

Pre-order Limited vinyl on:
First 500 vinyl orders will receive a limited edition Crystal Clear 180 grams record. The record comes with a 280 grams high quality full colored record sleeve with original artwork from Marvel Comics illustrator Stefan Tosheff.

Follow Shook:

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New album “SPECTRUM” is finally finished! Pre order from
Vinyl / CD / Limited Bundle:



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