The Winter Creek Beast is LIVE!

Its Here!!:O) Woot!

The BiaLog

Good morning everyone! I have some fantastic news. As you can probably tell from the title, The Winter Creek Beast is alive and well on

One of the things i love about writing is the inspiration behind our stories. For me, I’ve long had a thought of what would happen when a bigfoot and werewolf crossed paths. It was something that I kicked around for a couple of years but I never had a solid idea on how to pull it off.

Enter my inspiration.


All it took was an episode of Gunsmoke. Seeing Matt Dillon protecting Dodge City gave me the inspiration for the backbone of the story and I was off and running. The only question was I didn’t know which would be the good or bad guy or even a pair of rogues until near the end. Curious to know which I decided on? So…

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