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Author Aditi Chopra


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Aditi Chopra was born in India and now lives in Texas with her family. She is passionate about writing and helping others succeed. Aditi writes NRI (Non Resident Indian) fiction and non-fiction books. She has found her creative bone in fiction writing. Her fiction stories are rooted in Indian tradition and yet very modern. You might see a glimpse of Bollywood in her stories and will definitely enjoy the emotional ride.


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a fun plus 102

Will Bollywood romance survive the pressures of Silicon Valley culture? Find out in this engaging trilogy.

Ambitious Desi Girl

Mahi is an ordinary looking young professional who works in an I.T. company in San Jose, California. She is pretty much married to her job and cannot see beyond her profession until Raj joins the same company. Raj impresses Mahi with his extremely good looks, intelligence as well as caring nature. Upon getting to know Raj more, Mahi discovers certain emotions that she didn’t know about.

Will Raj distract Mahi from her professional goals? Will Mahi be able to balance her personal as well as professional needs?

Gullible Desi Girl

Mahi and Raj discover their emotions for each other while working in an I.T. Company in San Jose, California. They decide to formalize their relationship and tie the knot. Mahi is determined to climb the success ladder in her organization and her boss aids, trains, and encourages her. However, Mahi’s rising professional dreams threaten her marital bliss.

Will Mahi be able to save her marriage in spite of her tremendous professional drive?

Mystical Desi Girl

Mahi and Raj are two I.T. professionals who find love and commit to stay together for the rest of their lives. However trouble walks in their lives and circumstances threaten their relationship and commitment towards each other.

Will Mahi be able to find peace amongst the chaos? Will she compromise? Will Raj be able to understand what Mahi wants? Will they find happiness with each other again?



a fun plus 101



Raj Shekhar was excited to fly to San Jose, California – his dream place to work. He had packed up a couple of days earlier and was all set for his interview at a software company that he was very interested in. He had done all his research and knew that he would be a good asset for them and it would fit his profile as well.

Raj had never been to California before. After he’d graduated from Purdue University, he got his dream job in Washington State as a software engineer and had spent the last seven years working there. But it was time for a change. At twenty-nine years of age, he felt that he had to get a better handle on his career and his long-term plans.

Raj was a tall guy, about six feet, and always opted for the aisle seat to get enough legroom. He admired the Space Needle from the plane as it took off on Sunday afternoon and spent pretty much the entire flight on his laptop. It was a good use of time to draft all the emails he was not able to get to earlier. He hadn’t told his boss, Mike about his upcoming interview, and wondered how Mike would react if he got the job and were to leave. But Raj didn’t want to spend his time worrying about that yet; he would rather concentrate on the interview first.

Raj glanced out the window as the plane started to descend and he could spot the crisp spring California weather. He could sense the cheer all around him in the plane as well. He yearned for a cigarette and decided to stop by a grocery store on the way to his hotel. He had picked up his smoking habit during his undergraduate college days in India. It was a relaxant, for sure.

As Raj reached the car rental office of the San Jose airport, he noticed a long line in front of him. This was surely a busy airport and especially as it was a Sunday evening. After he rented his car, he looked for the nearest Albertsons in his GPS and drove towards it.

Raj walked into the grocery store and noticed a lot more Indians than he usually ran into in Seattle. San Jose was the place to be for I.T. companies and many Indians had migrated there for work purposes. He looked for his favorite brand and stood in the speed lane to checkout his cigarettes when a voice startled him from behind.

“You know, smoking is not good for your health.”

Raj turned around to see a young wheat-complexioned Indian girl with a loaf of bread in her hand. She was dressed in baggy jeans and a tight gray T-shirt and had a frown on her face.

Raj had never had a stranger give him advice before. He said, “Thanks for the advice, Ms …”

She interrupted. “It’s Mahi.”

“Hey. Ms. Mahi. Thanks for your advice. Just for your information, white bread is not healthy either, you should try wheat bread,” he smirked.

Mahi snapped, “Yes, I know. I am buying it for a friend. I don’t eat white bread.”

Raj smiled. “Of course you don’t.” He was done paying the cashier and was in no mood to get any more lectures on smoking. “Nice meeting you, Mahi.”

Raj walked out of Albertsons and drove to his hotel, which was about five miles down. He couldn’t wait to get there and smoke a cigarette. He wanted to chill out for the rest of the evening and get ready for his important interview tomorrow.



a fun plus 101


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