IndieWritersReview Spotlight on Doing Business God’s Way by Author Santiago Rivera (Maverick Promotions)

Hello Everyone! I’m so excited that  IndieWritersReview is host for Doing  Business God’s  Way  by Author Santiago Rivera as part of his Maverick Promotions virtual tour!


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On Tour September 15th-19th

Author Santiago Rivera



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Santiago   is   an   innovative   leader   who   helps  professionals   with   the   entrepreneurial   spirit   push beyond  their  limits  through  his  mentoring,  workshops  and   soon   to   be   released   book,   Doing   Business   God’s  Way.  He   believes   that   all   people   on   Earth   have   a   divine  purpose  and  that  they  need  only  stop  and  listen  to  God’s  directions  to  fulfill  it.  Through his
personal  business  ministry,  Santiago  empowers  each  person  to  have  a  deeper,  co-­‐creative  relationship  with  God.  A   native   of   Puerto   Rico,   Santiago   has   led   a   richly   fulfilling   and   successful   career   by  following  in  the  footsteps  of  Jesus:

“Well,  then,”  Jesus  said,  “give  to  Caesar  what  belongs  to  Caesar,  and  give  to  God  what  belongs  to  God.”
(Mark  12:17  NKJV)

Santiago’s  groundbreaking  enterprise  Doing  Business  God’s  Way is  designed  to  inspire  all
entrepreneurs   to   collaborate   with   spirit   in   each   business   interaction   and   transaction   so
that  they  can  see  their  unique,  God-­‐given  pathway  to  success  and  prosperity.

What  you  might  not  know  about  Santiago:• He  spent  20  years  as  an  executive  administrator  in  the  healthcare  industry  where he  led   worldwide   teams   of   more   than   4,000   employees,   managed   P&L   for   business
divisions  exceeding   $500  million   revenue  and  initiated   $60  million  investments  in
intellectual   property   (technology   transfer)   operation   to   support   hospital   research
mission  and  in  new  information  systems.

• Each  morning  Santiago  drinks  a  cup  of  coffee  …  and  holds  a  board  meeting  with  God
about  his  business.


Title:  Doing  Business God’s  Way                                                          
Subtitle:  Invite  God  to  Partner  with  You  to  Create  
Business  Success
Author:  Santiago  Rivera
Publisher:  WillPower  Press,  Inc.
Date  of  Publication:  September  5,  2014
Pages:  144


a fun plus 102

Doing Business  God’s  Way empowers   business   owners   to   create   or   expand   their   business
using  lessons   from   the  Word  of  God  while  offering  encouragement  and  support  along   the
Quite  often,  the  road  to  the  creation  and  sustainability  of  your  business  is  full  of  decisions
that   you  aren’t  necessarily  proud  of.  The  modern  business  world  is   fully  grounded  in   the
world  of  man  and  it  can  make  you  feel  like  you  are  far  removed  from  your  Creator.
In  this  step-­‐by-­‐step  guide,  Santiago  Rivera  will  help  you  invite  God  to  become  the  primary
partner  in  your  business  and  recognize  your  personal  and  business  journey.  Rivera,  a  20-­‐
year   veteran   executive   from   the   healthcare   industry,   is   an   innovative   leader   who   helps
professionals  with  the  entrepreneurial  spirit  push  beyond  their  limits.
Not  only  can  readers  experience  the  abundance  and  success  they’ve  always  dreamed  of,  but
they  will  also  have  proof  that  the  Architect  of  the  Universe  believes  in  them.

a fun plus 101


Promotion September 15th-19th

        1.Sept. 15th- Spotlight Feature promo at  IndieWritersReview

        2. Sept. 16th- (8pmcst) 30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

       3. Sept. 17th- Video trailer Spotlight at IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV

       4. Sept. 18th- Guest Post  at Maverick Promotion

       5. Sept. 19th – (8pmcst) Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan  Follow Hashtag#MPTour


Maverick Promotion ” Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box” ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



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