IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! (Band) GhostFire

Hello All it’s Monday and that means Music! I have another awesome group which I will spotlight today…they have been compared to the likes of TOM WAITS, NICK CAVE AND THE CRAMPS…(SteamPunk Band) GhostFire!





a fun plus 101


The music of Ghostfire resonates to the debauched decadence and absinthe-fuelled anarchy of life in the eighties…

The 1880’s 

Stalking the cobbled streets; lurking in the shadows of the darkest alleyways… Dare you glance beyond the safety of the guttering gaslights? To where the gin-soaked moxie plies her trade, the dipper watches his mark and the drunken sailor staggers blindly…

It’s this shadowy world of villains, rogues and rascals that Ghostfire calls home.

In the darkest corners of the flash taverns, we raise glasses with vagabonds, footpads, pirates and thieves. All seeking sanctuary in the anonymity only notorious London Town can afford…

Come in and see the whole nightmare…



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