IndieWritersReview Welcomes Chronicles of the Interred by Marilyn Almodovar (REVIEW) (Maverick Promotions)

Hello Everyone! I am very excited that IndieWritersReview is hosting Chronicles of the Interred by Marilyn Almodovar as part of her Maverick Promotions virtual tour!

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On Tour August  4th-8th


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Marilyn Almodovar is the author of a Young Adult Series called Chronicles of the Interred. The first book, Interred was published on January 22, 2013 by Iambe Books. Fissure and the conclusion of the series, Alternate, are scheduled for release 2014 and 2015, respectively

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About the Book

a fun plus 102

Time has never been an issue for Baxter Jacobs, but then she never knew she had the ability to Bend it. 

As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Baxter inherits a pendant that will change her life. Connected to the pendant is a dark and mysterious young man named Declan Ashdown. Trapped in a Time loop for the past 122 years, Declan needs Baxter’s help to escape. The only problem is, she has no idea how to do it. 

To acquire the power she needs to free him, she’ll become one of the Interred, those whose Magical abilities emerge as they come of age. When she does, she’ll discover that Declan isn’t the only one interested in the fact that she’s a Time Bender. 

As the Interment arrives, Baxter knows this will be no Sweet Sixteen. A vengeful relative and the ruthless Council are determined to control her. Declan’s powerful and charming descendant, Jack Ashdown, claims he can save her. She’ll soon have to decide who she can trust, and how to master her new abilities before Time runs out.


a fun plus 101

Chronicles Of The Interred

Interred followed the story of Baxter, a young woman who discovers that she has an incredible destiny to fulfill. Baxter discovers that she has powers and has been chosen as one of the Interred, which is a ceremony that she and several other selected young people are chosen to participate.

The Chosen are selected to go through a ritualized burying, on the night of their Interred ceremony, they are to find their way out and attempt to make it back to a designated location; although along the way, they would be tested and would need to use their special abilities to survive these test. Baxter along with Declan, a mysterious young man that had been trapped in a time loop, by Baxter’s ancestor, and wants desperately to help her escape, to past these test.Because in doing so, his freedom would be assured at the end. A tentative friendship blossoms, between Baxter and Declan but becomes strained, when Declan’s great nephrew, his descendant Jack AshDown, tells Baxter that he is supposed to help her, that he is link to her as a healer.

So he comes along, and before long Baxter finds herself attracted to Jack. The night of the Interred Baxter, and Jack escapes the burial and begins a journey, but soon things does not go as plan, when Baxter, and Jack discover that their lives are very much in danger and that this is no longer a game. Baxter and friends go on a harrowing journey across time that ends with a breath taking betrayal and a stunning ending!

This debut novel from Marilyn Almodovar was outstanding. This was a fresh, and unique twist on the paranormal saga. A very refreshing change, Interred combined elements of the paranormal and the dystopian genres. It had passion, adventure and suspense! The reader is sucked into this grand adventure; I enjoyed the relationship between Baxter and Declan as well as Baxter and Jack… I most enjoyed the new plotline, enjoying the discovery of this new world and its rituals and the players of the Interred. I fully loved this book and recommend it for anyone who enjoys paranormal, with a little dystopian flavor. Interred is akin to the Hunger Games meet Beautiful Creatures!

A Must Read:O)

.a fun plus 101

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