IndieWritersReview WIP: ‘Racing For The Moon’ (SteamPunk Novella) Teasers (Tagged:O)

I was tagged by Author friend the  fantabulous Denise Zaky to join in the fun… The rules are simple. Post the first sentence for the first 3 chapters!


Racing For The Moon (SteamPunk Novella) teasers!

Chapter 1: “They’re coming. Run, Ivee!” A lone voice broke through the silence of the evening shadows.

Chapter 2: “Where. Have. You. Been. Ivee?” Bangs stood wide stanced with his arms crossed. Tall, with lean muscles that lined his body. He was one of the oldest of the Landers, at twenty one.

Chapter 3: “Bangs on your case again?” Celia scrambled onto the makeshift counter that Ivee had created out of large sturdy rocks and a plank of wood.



a fun plus 101


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