IndieWritersReview’s Mountain Madness Update!:O)


a fun plus 110


#Mountain #Madness! Okay Guys I said I would share a little of my Fave Girl’s Birthday Extravaganza!:) I’m sorry for the delay but I had been battling a cold when heading up there, but when returning it morphed into the flue or something…so all week I’ve been under the weather…but I today I wanted to share a few deets!:) We had a blast, it was Fave Girl and Guy and Four of our Fave Friends:O) We arrived safely and I was very excited to see that the cabin rented did in fact looked like the pictures! Whew! I had all kinds of nightmare images going through my mind because all the details were handled on-line! So was just a tad nervous…but after fully stocking and setting up the cabin. The girls changed into bathing suits and headed down to the 77 ft water fall were they lounged, and swam! There were many families out and great weather, so it was the perfect backdrop to our first day. We ate at the local cafe and turned in early (well we did) the girls stayed up laughing and joking into the early morning…BUT they were ready for the next day which the plan was to go cave exploring! By then I did have a second wind…had my new hiking shorts (yes, hiking shorts!) and we headed out! First in our own backyard (the cabin was on top of one of the hills so cool!) But through the trees one of the girls spotted a chimney, so everyone headed up the path behind the cabin and there was a (idk) left over foundation???? House or cabin??? The girls (bravely) although I guarded them from the rear…(yes, I made sure everyone was protected at the back! LOL) but they made their way out and looked into the below levels and said there were rooms and spaces underground! so I did grab pictures of that adventure. Then we headed up into the Arbuckle Mountains were we went on trails and they made their way into the cavern, by lying flat on their stomachs, and crawling into the cave which opened up…(due to the fact I was guarding the entrance..*cough* I did not grab the inside of cave pictures but as soon as I can get copies I will share:) So that was fun…and later after visiting other sites such as the “castle” remains which was rumored to be a copy of a European prison set in…which is strange to me…in Turner Falls which was once a Horse Ranch now a tourist park???? LOL…anyway, there was lots of exploring, roasting of hotdogs and smores, gift opening and a Fox the girls called Frieda made an appearance snagging a hotdog as well as her buddy a raccoon, who left empty handed! LOL (My husband caught pics of the Fox!) But in all we had a blast:O) Pictures are following!:O)




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