IndieWritersReview (Review) For Atancia (The Durand Duology Book 2) by Wren Figueiro

Hello Guys:) I just wanted to share my thoughts on the newly released  For Atancia (The Durand Duology Book 2) by Wren Figueiro! Check it out below!


New Release!

a fun plus 101


Blurb: In Atancia, Atty discovered what she is. In the second installment of The Durand Duology, she’ll learn whom she can trust. Atty will travel the globe in search of her mother and the truth about the Durand she knows as friends.



a fun plus 102

Bio: As a child, I was often kept up at night by an overactive imagination. When I got to college, I decided to study writing so I could put that imagination to better use. I am an avid reader and rarely let a week go by without finishing at least two books. I love the way that books allow passage into other people’s thoughts and let me see how they view the world. Though I have been writing stories as long as I can remember, Atancia is my first novel.


a fun plus 101

My Review

For Atancia  (The Durand Duology Book 2) was a highly anticipated read that did not disappoint! I loved the first book Atancia… debut novel for Author Wren Figueiro… and looked forward to seeing what happened next with Matt and Atancia once they were on the run! Well, I know that I had the stirrings of a book crush beginning on Matt, (the brother of Ben, Atancia’s then boyfriend) and so I was so happy to have more of him in book 2:)

(Spoiler alert- if you haven’t read book 1)The book details the journey of the young couple on the search for Atancia’s mother after fleeing from her boyfriend Ben and his family after she discovered that they were intent on using her ability of being able to restore energy  (which heals and gives life) for their own gain! They were Durands which were beings that have various abilities which all centered around manipulating energy and using it mainly for “food”, although they could enjoy a good meal as well. Even in book 1 Matt (the also newly arrived half human/half Durand brother of Ben with the power with just a question, could cause anyone to tell him the absolute truth)seemed to relate and understand Atancia better, so when they went on the road, the two inevitably grew closer. Their journey takes them many places but soon danger follows them and threatens to pull them apart once and for all!

I believe one of my favorite scenes (although there were several) were the ones when they were on the road, and really discovering the other…I believe the sweetest was when Atty was teaching Matt how to make pancakes and mention that they weren’t to sizzle “like fries”…I really like Atty and her resolve to find the truth no matter what, her strength and agility to withstand all that was thrown at her…but Matt was also a favorite character, because he was so  wonderfully  awkward around Atty that came across sweet and endearing…he genuinely cared for her and in large ways such as leaving his entire family to go on the run to save her…to small things, in trying to make her pancakes…and keep her mind off all that she had lost…I grew to really,really like this character…

He also controlled his desire for her, one of the major acts of intimacy was to draw power from the other, and during the trip, poor Matt was tortured many a time with that desire! Lol…one of my favorite scenes was when the two made that gradual change from friendship to “more” and the intimacy they shared was made the more intense by the description of the transferring of energy, and simply how after all they had been through together by that point, came through in such devotion, tenderness and passion…it almost left me as a reader breathless!

For Atancia had everything from action, adventure, suspense, humor and passion! I fully recommend for older teens or Adults (Due to some sexual references)


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