IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday Spotlight! (“The Muse”) Vote Aoede!!!

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! Today I wanted to throw a spotlight on an artist, who if you have followed the blog for awhile will recognize the name…Aoede! Well today I wanted to bring attention to how YOU can help this talented artist by casting your vote that would bring Aoede one step closer to winning a very deserving recognition! Check out Aoede below!


a fun plus 101


An award-winning singer-songwriter ♥ Aoede ♪♫ Independent Music Awards Nominee, 2013 Finalist, 2012 Winner International Songwriting Competition-Children’s Music! 2013, 2012 Finalist in John Lennon Songwriting Contest! Aoede’s Award-Winning musical story “What Are Dreams Made Of” (Sep 2013) was considered for Best Children’s Album in the 56th Grammy Awards. Now adapting to musical theater!

International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2013 Finalist, 2012 Winner-Children’s Music; John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2013, 2012 Finalist; 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Nomination; 2013 NAPPA Family Faves Winner; LA Music Awards-2012 Children’s Album of the Year; Indie Music Channel Awards (2014, 2013, 2012), Artists in Music Awards (2012)

Fans of Ingrid Michaelson, Feist, Regina Spektor, Lily Allen will resonate with Aoede’s quirky soprano vocals.

CONNECT with the muse!


PLEASE VOTE FOR AOEDE’S  FAIRY TALE LOVE which made the Top 5 for Best Children’s Song in The Independent Music Awards!

Click here to vote!



Enjoy Aoede’s Fairy Tale Love!


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