IndieWritersReview Celebrates Return Of The Ascendant by Raine Thomas (Excerpt and Giveaway!)

Good-morning Guys!  Okay today for the Return Of The Ascendant by Author Raine Thomas’s  Celebration…which is now available with TWO NEW BONUS CHAPTERS! Woot!! Woot!!

I have a very special excerpt! So please check it out below:O)

Return Of The Ascendant 

a fun plus 104

Synopsis: Expecting to enjoy another typical college night at a frat party with friends, Kyra Vaughn’s plans derail when she’s almost killed…twice. Her savior, a tall, sexy stranger who calls himself TaeDane, claims that he’s the personal bodyguard for the Ascendant of Alametria. She’s convinced he’s crazy.

Especially when he insists that she’s the Ascendant.

With dark enemies hunting her down, Kyra has no choice but to trust her supposed bodyguard. Ty vows to help her remember her past and return her safely to Alametria, but someone seems intent on interfering, challenging his abilities at every turn.

As Kyra’s memories emerge, she remembers that Ty is more to her than he’s let on…much more than he’s allowed to be. She’ll also discover that there are many things about her planet and herself that she’d rather forget. In the end, she’ll have to make a choice: cling to the life she knows, or risk it all to become the person she’s destined to be.

a fun plus 102



Excerpt from ROTA 


After they drove a few more miles, she asked, “Do you think I’ll remember anything about Alametria? Maybe my, um, birth parents?”

Guilt rose within him, but he pushed it back. It wasn’t his fault the barrier between them was there. He’d damned well figure out how to get around it.

“Yes,” was all he said.

She nodded. Although he imagined she must have tons of questions, she didn’t speak again. Her gaze remained fixed on the passing landscape. The moonlight bathed her profile, enhancing her beauty. She looked calm and collected, but he sensed the painful loss that she did as she realized she’d soon be leaving this place behind. It was as though she was trying to memorize every detail, fearing she’d forget it as thoroughly as she’d forgotten her former life.

Why could he sense her emotions and not read her thoughts? Was it because they originated in different areas of the mind? Whatever the reason, he sensed the emotion swirling through her and felt her tamp it down. That level of control was something she’d never conquered before. It surprised and impressed him.

What else had she learned here on Earth? Had she finally learned…?

A familiar pain made his forearms grow warm. Tightening his grip on the steering wheel, he forced the thought from his head. He thought instead of the fight with the Shelvaks and the transition to come. Anything to keep his mind from dwelling on things it shouldn’t.

Things it couldn’t.

“We’re nearly there,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear. “If the Shelvaks found the university, it’s possible they have found the transition point. Everyone needs to be on their guard.”

“Do you have another one of those light swords?” Kyr asked.

His eyebrow rose. “They are called de’llums, and no.”

“What about a gun? Do you guys use those? Maybe with lasers or something?”


She gave him a disbelieving look. “You came to Earth without a gun?”

“We stopped using projectile weapons some time ago. Why would you even need one?”

Frowning, she said, “I don’t have anything to defend myself with. I don’t even have my phone or shoes this time.”

“You have me.”

She looked at him. He expected a sharp retort about what she conceived to be his arrogance, something she would have done in the past. But she looked worried, not irked.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you,” she said. “All of you are at risk because of me. I can’t stand that.”

Once upon a time, Kyr would have thrived on the knowledge that she was important enough to justify others risking their lives for her. She wouldn’t have thought twice about someone getting hurt to protect her. In fact, she would have expected it, maybe even demanded it.

He knew on the last world she’d visited that she’d finally learned humility. Now, he knew she’d also learned to care about others beside herself.

Which meant he was in serious trouble.



a fun plus 101


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a fun plus 103

Bio: Raine Thomas is the award-winning author of bestselling Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Known for character-driven stories that inspire the imagination, Raine recently signed with multiple award-winning producer Chase Chenowith of Back Fence Productions to bring her popular Daughters of Saraqael trilogy to the big screen. She’s a proud indie author who is living the dream. When she isn’t writing or glued to e-mail or social networking sites, Raine can usually be found vacationing with her husband and daughter on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

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