IndieWritersReview Giveaway Winners Announced and “Here’s Your Chance for a Free Read!” and

Hey Guys! I just announced on Face Book the winners of the #SchoolNightz & Kindred Rockin’ Rafflecopter Giveaway! So I thought I would share the news here as well!


Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all who entered!:O)


a fun plus 101

#Announcements #WINNERS of the School Nightz & Kindred Rockin’ Giveaway!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!:O)

#GrandPrize: 1 Signed Print Copy of #SchoolNightz & 1 copy of the single#Kindred (Combo)- Loretta Evetts Beasley!

#Single #SchoolNightz Print copy signed winner: Frances Langley Patty!

#Single #SchoolNightz Calendar winner: Tiffany Amber!

#Music winner 1 copy- Maria Gabriel!

#Extra Music winner 1 copy- Cheyenne Davis!

All winners will be contacted by the email provided later this morning with instructions on how to obtain their prizes!

Again thanks to all that entered and please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for info on other cool giveaways and chances to win awesome prizes!


“Here’s Your Chance for a Free Read!”

A Official School Nightz Cover February 2014 Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

#AngelReads #Read #Review #Sign#ups #SchoolNightz

If anyone would like the opportunity to read and then share their thoughts about #SchoolNightz I am offering a PDF copy to the first #Ten who sign-up here:O)


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