IndieWritersReview Welcomes Scarlet Quest(Fables of Odealeous) by A.J. Martinez (Guest Post) (Maverick Promotions)

Hello Everyone! I’m very excited that IndieWritersReview is participating as host today for Scarlet Quest(Fables of Odealeous) by Author A.J. Martinez as part of his #MaverickPromotions virtual tour!

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On Tour March 24th-28th

AUTHOR A.J. Martinez



A awesome AJ

Hello there my name is A.J. Martinez and I am a fantasy author living in the state of Connecticut USA. I walk with my head as high as the clouds and my feet on the ground. I murder people for a living (fictional people that is).

My desire is to write fantasy stories that will make one soar with the wings of Icarus. To write heart pounding stories to make one wish that the pages will never end. To write stories in a world beyond Hogwarts and Middle Earth and on to the world of Odealeous. To write stories that  make one think of the stars of the night during daylight. Stories that make one see rare colors and hear sweet songs only the sirens sing by a glowing river. To tell stories where the arts of the mystic and dragons seem as though they had gone extinct. I write what I dream about and dream so that I can write.

I am quite a geek and I am a big time Anime fan.  I enjoy going to conventions with my friends and rave parties.

My favorite movie is “the matrix” I never get tire of watching it.

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A awesome aj cover scarlet_quest_front_cover_twitter

Blurb: Auron Fox leader of a famous mercenary band lives away from society in the outskirts of his country. When king Richard takes the throne, rivals and traitors join allegiance to frame Auron and his band of mercenaries. He is then forced by the king to go on an unpleasant journey to find a jewel that could bring chaos. However Auron suspects that the king is but a puppet for someone else’s malice plot. King Richard threatens to destroy Auron’s home if he fails to complete his task. Will the king keep his promise? Will Auron return home alive from his mission as he encounters dangerous foes? Swords, magic and summons. A tale of betrayal, survival and revenge.


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World of Odealeous


a fun plus 101

Monarch: The Sainos Dinasty. King Sainos

Gods: Terramus and Oceamus

Politics: Imperialism


a fun plus 102

Monarch: The Alexander dynasty, King Alexander

Gods: Omegus (The Triforce)

Politics: Nationalism


a fun plus 103

Monarch: Takamaru dynasty, Emperor Takamaru

Gods: Aeramus, Shizen gods and goddesses.

Politics: Communism


a fun plus 101

Monarch: Queen Veronica, The Thorn Army

Gods: Terramus, Aeramus, Oceamus

Politics: Emperialist


Ok so I am an RPG game lover. I think that any one that reads fantasy novels also plays RPG games such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross and if you are a team player, World of Warcraft and other Online Massive Multi Player Games. When ever we play these games, the developers must choose a term for the magic that we use and for stamina of the characters magic. I am sure you are familiar with the term MP (magic points) and HP (Health points). Just like these video game developers struggle to choose a term I also struggle with my own magic system in the world that I created.

It has become classic or should I say a norm for RPG games to use the terms MP and HP because after all it is the gameplay and story that we are into. In fact most RPG gamers would feel weird if the game did not use these terms. We need something to indicate how much power we are using and how much damage the character is taking. I think a game would be pretty boring if we didn’t have these rules.

Magic systems are crucial for RPG games as well as fantasy novels. The reason why I decided to write about this is because in my world I call Odealeous, I chose to the term Mana for my magic system. Now I have been told. A.J. dont you think that is cliche. Yes it might be but it fits perfectly with the world I created. Mana has been used in video games to indicate a players magic power. I thought it would be perfect and had I decided to use any other term, it would not work and also I felt awkward using words like Chakra or Prana.

In the Japanese anime, Yu Yu Hakusho, they use the term spirit energy but is that different than using the word Chakra. The systems work the same way just different words. The characters use their power to fight and thus their body becomes low on Mana or spirit energy. The Naruto anime uses Chakra which is a term that the ninjas and Indian philosophers use. If you watch Naruto you will notice that the system is same as far as the use of power or magic. A character uses a technique or move and thus their Chakra goes down and they must recharge again.

Its like food. I work throughout the day and by 5PM I feel hungry I must. I must recharge. My friends told me that I must use something different to stand out. I say, I must use whatever fits into the world that I am creating. The innovation is the story it self while. In my opinion, many romance novels are the same. The girl falls in love with the bad boy but each journey is different. It is about how the characters get to their destination and what happens before reaching the end goal.

Each fantasy book uses similar things such as wizards, dragons, phoenixes, elves, dwarves. However fantasy authors dont copy each other. Each journey is different and each story has different meanings with different messages. The wizards, elves and dragons are the items in which fantasy is brought with.


a tour

Promotion March March 24th-28th

Mon. 24th- Spotlight promo at  IndieWritersReview

Tues.25th  (8pmCST)  30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

Wed.26th Guest Post at Write Indie: Musings of a WriterGeek

Thurs.27th – Video Feature at  IndieReview Behind The Scenes TV

Fri. 28th-Ten Minute Twitter View chat w/ Host Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Follow Hashtag#MPTour

Maverick Promotion ” Artists Not Afraid To Think Outside The Box” ©Michelle Cornwell-Jordan


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