IndieWritersReview Welcomes Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens by Mark Speed (Goddess Fish Promotions)

Hello Everyone! Today I am participating as a host for a Goddess Promotions Virtual tour and let me tell you, it’s a real treat! Some may know, and many others might not…but I have recently been converted to a Whovian! Lol, that’s right, I have become a MAJOR Doctor Who fan! So I was excited to hear about, another traveling figure protecting the world from all the extraterrestrial baddies out there and well, I was very surprised to learn  Doctor Who had a  brother…yep his name is Doctor How! LOL

That is correct today I participate as a host for Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens by Mark Speed as part of his Goddess Fish Promotions Virtual Tour! Please check out the deets below!

a fun plus 102

a fun plus 104

Bio: Mark Speed has been writing novels since he was fifteen. His comedy writing has appeared in newspapers as diverse as the London Evening Standard and The Sun, and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. He performed his solo comedy, The End of the World Show, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and 2012. He is currently working on the five-volume Doctor How series.

Amongst other postgraduate and professional qualifications, he has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from City University, London. In 1995 a chiropractor told him he’d never run again. Sensibly, he gave up chiropractors, runs every day and has completed several marathons and a couple of Olympic-length triathlons.

NLP founder Dr Richard Bandler called him a ‘polarity responder’.



a fun plus 105


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Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens 

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BLURB: Doctor How’s famous megalomaniac brother Doctor Who sold his fictional life story to the BBC half a century ago, painting himself as a lone hero. Disillusioned, their four cousins dropped out. For fifty years, Doctor How has held the line against the forces of darkness and stupidity. And he’s not that happy, since you ask.

Illegal aliens try to hack How’s Spectrel (TARDIS is a very rude word where he comes from), just as he suspects his estranged cousin Where has been compromised. When reports come in of mysterious attacks by alien creatures, Doctor How has to rely on his new companion Kevin, a petty criminal from south London, and Trinity, a morphing super-predator, as he counters this threat to humanity’s existence. Bungling agents from MI16, long desperate to capture the Time Keeper’s technology, hamper How’s efforts to combat the alien menace. Can Doctor How keep ahead of MI16, save Where and combat the alien threat?


“So is that your –” 

“No it’s not my TARDIS, Kevin!” hissed Doctor How. “That’s a misnomer.”


“A misnomer.” Kevin looked at him blankly. “It means wrong name. It’s a misnomer put out by the BBC. TARDIS is actually a very rude word in my native language and nearly one in yours if you changed the ‘a’ for a ‘u’. A certain someone who will remain nameless thought it would be terribly amusing. According to the BBC, TARDIS is supposed to mean Time And Relative Dimension In Space.” The Doctor was now ranting wildly. “Can you believe the sheer gall of these people? Like they actually know, like they understand how the physics works?” The Doctor glared at Kevin, who shook his head.

“Let me tell you what it’s like. It’s like a troop of monkeys – and I mean monkeys, like baboons; not chimpanzees, not even apes – coming up to your very sophisticated saloon car with individual climate-control for each passenger, and a hi-fi system that would fool a bat. As you drive your state-of-the-art car through a safari park this troop of purple-bottomed baboons comes up to your car and calls it “Oog”. And then – and then – then they have the cheek to first of all capitalise the entire thing, so it’s not Tardis, it’s T-A-R-D-I-S, just to spell out the first letters of exactly what these monkeys think the physics is that they can’t even begin to comprehend. And after that they march down to another baboon who calls himself a lawyer and they register it as a trademark. So if I wanted to write my own biography, my autobiography, and I wanted the boneheaded human reader to understand the concept by way of using the word TARDIS, some baboon with a Technicolor™ bottom specialising in intellectual property law could demand money with menaces through the good courts of baboon society. And this,” spluttered the Doctor, “And all this after I saved your – forgive my crude colloquialism here – after I have saved your sorry collective Technicolor™ asses on more occasions than I can care to remember.”

Silence hung in the air. The Doctor was breathing deeply.

“You has got issues, innit?” said Kevin

a awesome author


Mark Speed

How I handled the research for the book

The Doctor How series is a parody of the Doctor Who TV series. To write a parody, you have to have a good working knowledge of the original work that you’re subverting, so research was critical.

Being a Brit I grew up with Doctor Who constantly in the background. I know what it means to the British psyche, which is probably something different to fans from other countries around the world. Doctor Who probably has a higher approval rating than the Royal Family. And, like the Royal Family, if you’re British you’re stuck with Doctor Who no matter what your view. The Queen has her speech on Christmas Day at three in the afternoon. Three hours later, on the same channel, Doctor Who gives his state-of-the-universe story.

Doctor Who started as a children’s Saturday teatime adventure story. Like a lot of shows, it wasn’t supposed to go on for more than a couple of series – let alone reach a fiftieth anniversary, as it did in 2013. Whovians – as the hard core fans are called – are passionate about every detail. I read the Who-ology, which is a guide to the Whoniverse. The biggest single thing that stood out for me was that, with over fifty years of storylines, there was an awful lot of contradiction in the backstory, and it requires careful write-arounds and ever-more convoluted explanations or implied facts. For example, only last year, in the Day of the Doctor, the scriptwriters had to write themselves out of the mess that they’d recently created, in which Doctor Who had committed an act of genocide on his entire race in the Last Great Time War just to try to rid the universe of the Daleks.

It’s this convoluted and often contradictory backstory that has been a bit of a gift for me in writing the Doctor How series. I’ve come in from the angle that Doctor Who is a real Time Keeper (as they are properly called in my universe), and that he sold his fictional story to the BBC back in 1963. Doctor How is sitting outside the fictional Doctor Who storyline and is able to explain all of those discrepancies away. Once I had a handle on that position, it became much easier to view the research as secondary.

To a certain extent I felt it has inoculated me against the criticism of those who are sticklers for detail. The emphasis has switched from it being a true parody – and I would never have written one of those nasty parodies, because I love Doctor Who – to being something even a bit beyond that: a meta-story, or an original story based on a new premise about an old story. That’s a nice place to be emotionally for me. I see Doctor How as a missing viewpoint that makes sense of the mess left by scores of scriptwriters over the past fifty years.


21 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview Welcomes Doctor How and the Illegal Aliens by Mark Speed (Goddess Fish Promotions)

      • Thank you so much for your positive feedback, everyone! I have had some of the best months of my writing life planning the series and writing the characters. Sometimes I just sit there and laugh as the characters and situations play out in all their wonderful absurdity. The funny thing is that my beta-readers told me that they really love the thriller and action aspects of the plot too!

  1. Hi Everyone, thank you so much for a wonderful day. I’ve had a blast, so many thanks to Michelle for hosting, and to Goddess Fish for arranging. I’m four hours ahead of you guys and have to head off to bed. Keep posting and I’ll reply in the morning!

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