IndieWritersReview: Southern Gothic Tales!

Hey Guys! Thought I would fill you in on a couple projects in the works:O) I am finishing up the #NightSchoolVampireHunterTrilogy…it is in editing and so it should be wrapped up and the print compilation has a tentative release date of March 18th!

I am working on a novel that as of right now has no near release date, I wanted to take my time with it and so, I’m just having fun on the journey of writing it! #FoxFire which is set in New Orleans, one of my most favorite cities!

fox fire (2)

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a fun plus 101

a fun plus 102

#FoxFire will have many different elements but I believe the strongest will be a Southern Gothic flair about it. So since I am in that state of mind, I thought I would share some of the Southern Gothic Tales I’ve enjoyed!

They’re a mix of Modern and Classic Tales as well:)

a fun plus 101a fun plus 102a fun plus 103a fun plus 105a fun plus 106

Are you a fan of Southern Gothic tales? What are some of your favorites?:O)


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