IndieWritersReview Welcomes The Church Of Forgiveness by Deborah Allen (Excerpt) (Maverick Promotions)

Hello Everyone, I am very excited that IndieWritersReview is hosting The Church Of Forgiveness by Author Deborah Allen as part of her Maverick Promotions virtual tour! Please check out the details of this intriguing and inspiring read as well as the gripping excerpt below!


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On Tour February 17th-21st

AUTHOR Deborah Allen

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Deborah Allen currently teaches at St. Louis Community College, Meramec and Lindenwood University, while she pursues her doctorate degree at Maryville University, and is a proud wife, mother, and grandmother.

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Author Deborah Allen, has picked up the pieces and put life together her way, on the pages of her second book The Church of Forgiveness. Available on, (Softcover; $12.45, December 9, 2013). 

Blurb: Family and forgiveness are terms that should go hand and hand. In most family relationships, forgiveness is a speed bump of everyday occurrences. In this book, The Church of Forgiveness, life for Deborah Allen has its sweet spots and its sour patches. Learning to forgive is a journey Allen takes through the hallways of her church, high school and bedroom. TCOF is a collection of essays that Allen sat down and penned to share her experiences, good or bad, right or wrong. She shares it all in a way to gather the pieces of her life in words. She shares stories about her father and mother and their relationship. She shares her life as a preacher’s daughter growing up in the black church. She shares stories of how she dealt with learning about who her father was and how she began to accept and deal with that knowledge. She shares the heartbreak of learning her daughter had cancer and their struggle to overcome it. She briefly highlights her special relationship with her grandson, Drake. Ending the book with Family Matters, a recollection of how and why forgiveness is essential to move forward in life.



a awesome author



Excerpt is from the chapter, Family Matters
–  Even though she knew so many things about so many things, over the years, I found that I was unable to keep up with her brain swells and explosions. A child of the Depression, it would forever leave its mark on her. She carried the impact of the Depression with her. For example, in the years after I was born I remember her saying, “Why so many lights? Open the curtains a bit. But turn those lights off when you leave that room.”

Another thing she did that identified her as a Depression-ist was her need to wash plastic wrap and plastic bags after two, three or four uses as well as aluminum foil. “We can re-use this. It’s still some good,” she said.

Frugal and conservative, she didn’t believe in spending money unless absolutely necessary. She was abnormally energy-conscious. We huddled in her bed most winter nights, shutting two of the bedroom doors and the utility vents. An electric heater saved us from hypo-thermal exposure. I burrowed in close until she peeled herself off the sheets to go to work. I burrowed inside the warm spot she left and wished we were rich so she didn’t have to go.

She was a private-duty nurse and she had wealthy patients. They lived in Ladue or the outskirts of the city, in regal mansions set so far back from the street I thought there were hills underneath each bastion.

Each night as she readied herself for work, I sat on the steps, one railing spindle missing which left just enough room for me to fit my legs out, hold onto the spindles by my side and cry unremittingly for her not to leave me. This ritual played out like a tragic Shakespearean drama each night until I no longer fit between those two spindles. I can still see my younger self wailing at the wall I call Mama because mothers weren’t supposed to leave in the middle of the night. Mothers were supposed to tuck their children in and sleep the night away in the other room keeping them safe. I would get up at night and see my mother’s empty bed. I wondered if she was tired and needed a break. I also wanted to be with her most of all. My sister Janice slept soundly in the adjacent bedroom, substituting for Mama.




Promotions Feb. 17th-21st

Mon. 17th-  30 minute Book Chat w/ Michelle Cornwell-Jordan- IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio

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