IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlight: Aviators!

Hello Everyone:) It’s Monday so that means music and today is IndieWritersReview’s Music Mailbox!

So if you are an Independently produced artist or group; and you would like to be featured here in the Music Monday Feature. Then please submit your bio, links, cover-art and all details with music(video) sample to

Submission deets: All information must be appropriate for all ages! (ex. Cover Art and Music Video). Music Videos submitted via You Tube and must be edited for appropriate content and language:)

***In other words guys keep it family friendly Guys:O)*** 

Thanks to all participants!

Just In From Music MailBox

a awesome avaiators pic

Aviators Website

Music Store


I’m a independent alternative musician, and I dabble in just about every genre in existence, from classical to modern electronica. I have recorded 4 studio albums, and 3 remix albums. I’m experienced in production, songwriting, sound design, drum programming, and thematic composition.

I am currently looking for opportunities to score games or films that may require soundtracks. Meanwhile, I’m honing the craft of scoring by working on indie games.

Who I am

My name is Tyler Shaw a.k.a. Aviators and I hail from Vermont.

I began my musical journey at the age of 4, when I began playing the violin. I played it for 8 years before quitting and moving on to other things. I figured that playing the violin would never get me anywhere in life, but I now realize that it had grown my skills in music theory, as well as teaching me to read music.

I picked up the guitar shortly after quitting violin, and instead of taking lessons I taught myself. Instead of going the typical route of learning chords and such, I just played around with solos and learned to play songs by ear.

In early 2011, I took my first step in music production; I began using a DAW. Garageband was my first one, and it taught me all the basics. I played around with everything I could and pumped out a couple absolutely horrible songs. After months of fiddling with Garageband, I chose to move to a more pro-level DAW. Fruity Loops was my first choice, and I quickly learned that I wasn’t ready for such a big switch. Having no idea what I was doing was a good thing, though… It allowed me to learn quickly by trial and error. I played around with it for a couple months, and I ended up working on what became my debut album, Reflections of a Dream.

And then… Ponies.

If you’ve never heard of bronies, let me explain them to you. They’re teenage/adult men and women who watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Simple as that. It may sound odd, but the fantastic production and clever writing of the show caught my eye from the start. In October of 2011, I became a brony. I was a bit ashamed of it at first, but I quickly grew out of that.

Right before the release of Reflections of a Dream in December, I asked The Living Tombstone if he would remix one of the tracks. To my surprise, he agreed. I had been listening to his music since I became a brony, so it was an honor for me to have him remix one of my tracks. After he finished the remix, it began a flood of his fans to my YouTube channel. This was the beginning of my “fan base”, and the fact that it was 99% bronies encouraged me to start making brony music myself.

And I did.

I made brony song after brony song. Each song I did built the fanbase I have today, and those fans have enabled me to keep doing what I love, and experiment with my musical skills. To this date I make several songs a month, basing the content off of shows I watch, stories I’ve heard, or tales I’ve come up with myself. I continue to work towards a professional career as a musician, with the hopes of one day being able to make a living making music like I do now.

I’m currently working on a fifth full-length album titled “Mirrors”, and scoring a few indie video games that will be released later in the year.

a awesome avaiators cover



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