IndieWritersReview Music Monday! Spotlight Goth-Rock Artist Cecile Monique and Special Announcement!

Hello Everyone it’s Monday, so that means music! Today I want to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite artists Cecile Monique. If you have followed this blog for awhile then  you have heard me speak of this very talented woman. But if you are new, then you’re in for a treat! Please check out Cecile below!


I am very excited to announce that Cecile is now working on an original song based (inspired) by my second novella in the Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy, Novella #2


(Theme song for the characters Angel&Rafael)

(A sample of the song Kindred will be revealed along with the cover of the Novella compilation School Nightz  February 14th.

a awesome official pic4




Contact Info


Press Contact


Cecile Monique is a Canadian vocalist/songwriter/composer of original Gothic Rock & Symphonic Metal music.
With her powerful, yet angelic voice and unmistakable charisma, Cecile Monique is a multi-talented musical artist ready to make her mark on the international music scene. Cecile Monique is not only an accomplished vocalist, she is also a skilled writer, composer, and arranger of her own original music. Her years of formal classical vocal training provided the foundation, but her singular creativity, diverse musical influences, and her fresh, youthful style have provided the fuel to create the distinctive fusion of rich, classically-influenced vocals with modern, innovative instrumentation that exist together in perfect harmony and have become Cecile Monique’s signature, genre-bending sound.

In addition to her impressive musical talent, Cecile’s cosmopolitan personality and multicultural roots (half European and half Hispanic) also broaden her appeal to an international audience; Cecile is fluent in several languages and has recorded and performed songs in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, and Latin.

In 2010, Cecile Monique was awarded the prestigious FACTOR New Talent Award in support of her self-titled EP release featuring three of her original compositions, which was recorded at Metalworks Studios, Canada’s #1 recording studio. With the launch of her new EP now available on iTunes worldwide, and a myriad of new projects on the horizon, Cecile Monique is a rising star poised to become an international phenomenon.


A behind the scenes look at the making of Cecile Monique’s upcoming 2014 release recorded at Metalworks Studios. Day One features band members Sam Dlugokecki and Stephen Gomboc tracking guitar, bass, and drums with Metalworks head engineer Kevin Dietz for Cecile Monique’s new original songs “Breathe Again” and “Kindred.”

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©2014 Cecile Monique

Metal Works Studio Behind The Scenes 

Music Videos




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