IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlight Feature Hip-Hop / Acoustic Artist :Young Kropes

Hello Everyone:) It’s Monday so that means music and today is IndieWritersReview’s Music Mailbox!

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Just In From Music MailBox

a awesome kropes

(Young Kropes)


Young Kropes isn’t your typical 28 year old rapper. He is also a producer and studio engineer. Versatile underground rap with originality is the best way to describe his music. His content is mixed with comedy, samples of old rock classics, serious topic’s and dance floor tunes. He can set any type of mood within his creations on the microphone. When he was a teenager he began listening to rap artist’s like Coolio, Naughty By Nature, Busta Rhymes, Kane And Abel, 2Pac, Outkast and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. His mother didn’t approve of the foul lyrical content in the music he had been listening to and would confiscate it from him.

He then began recording his favorite song’s off the radio on a cassette in order to keep up with his favorite’s. As the year’s passed he had continued writing and in 2007 Kropes started playing the acoustic guitar. He recorded a 6 song demo at Madison Media Institute in Madison, Wisconsin and shortly after started a hip hop group named “Brew City Ballas” with former roommates and friends. They eventually went hiatus after Young Kropes moved to the Tampa, Florida area in 2009. Since moving to the Tampa Bay area in ’09 Kropes has continued to work on projects as a solo artist. He has released several mixtapes including Poetry In Motion, Collaboration Dedication Volume 1, Collaboration Dedication Volume 2, Collaboration Dedication Volume 3, Collaboration Dedication Volume 4, a 6 track EP and a “Best Of 2006 – 2012” mixtape hosted by DJ Chiszle. He has also been featured on four different Coast 2 Coast Top Indie 50 mixtapes Volumes 48, 52, 126 and 213.

Kropes gained some local buzz with his fan made hip hop song that he wrote in 2010 dedicated to major league baseball team The Tampa Bay Rays titled “Go Rays (MLB from the Bay)”. He’s also known for other song’s such as “Puff Puff”, “Swamp Ass”, “Crazy Whiteboy Dance”, Living The Good Life” and “Never Giving Up, Never Backing Down”. He has recorded many features with Indie artist’s all over the nation. Kropes has also shared the stage with many great locally known artist’s performing in spots all across central Florida including cities like Tampa, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Ybor City and Bartow. He has also been recognized by the local press. He was featured in the Tampa Bay Times as well as The Lakeland Ledger. Other notable nationwide press releases include a review in The Milwaukee Examiner,The Illixer and a review on RapNewsWire.Com.

Young Kropes continues to develop as a unique underground rapper and is working on his first full length album which he plans on releasing near the end of 2013. He has released several singles on iTunes and continues to perform at local venues handing out free copies of his mixtapes. Besides producing his own instrumentals he also is working with producers Allrounda Productions, SuperEgo Beats, Tree Instrumentals, Evan W. Beats & Beats by Roy.


Artist : Young Kropes
Song Title : Too Soon (Feat. Mikey J)
Album : Single
Year : 2013
Genre : Hip-Hop / Acoustic 

A awesome cover kropes

Listen To Too Soon  and other music by this artist!

Click: Young Kropes on REVERBNATION


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