IndieWritersReview: School Nightz (Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) Photo Shoot Pictures.

a awesome official pic10

Anecdote Photopgraphy



Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novellas

© By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

—A New Generation Slayer

Hello Everyone! I thought I would share the latest project I am working on! If you follow me on Face Book then you have already seen, but if not here is your chance to see a sneak peek into the world of Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy’s upcoming Print release entitled School Nightz!

This compilation will have all THREE Night School Vampire Hunter novellas included! The third and final novella has a tentative March 2014 release date as well as the Print edition:) I’m too excited! 

I realized that the Night School Vampire Hunter novellas have been a project I  have worked on (coming March) for 2 years! Wow! so to say that it is a little bitter sweet to say goodbye to Angel and all those at Ame Academy would be accurate. But to be honest this will not be the last of Angel and her group of friends…I thought it would be, but these characters just will not let go:O) So you will see them again. But this novella series had an awesome finale with a photo shoot with Tiffany McDonald (Anecdote Photography) and Models  Adam Becerra, Jessica Becerra, Stephanie and Brianna J. as Angel!

So below are a few of the OFFICIAL photos from last weekend’s shoot, I hope you like them…I think the models and Tiffany did a fantastic job and they came out incredible! So wonderful to see my characters come to life:O)

Anyway take a peek!

School Nightz

(We wanted to bring a fresh, urban look to the novellas…think 21st Century Slayers)

Dasheen Bellamy (A,K.A. Angel) Modeled by Brianna J.

Part Thunderbird Shifter/Part Human. Also the Kindred/Vampire (and all around monster) Hunter

a awesome official pic5

Rafael Santiago (Modeled by Adam Becerra)

ThunderKin (Shifter descended from the Great Thunderbird)

A AWESOME Official pic12

Ismet, (Jinn) Student at Ame Academy modeled by Stephanie

a awesome official7

Ame Academy Students Angel, Rafael, Ismet and BellaDonna

Modeled by in same order: Brianna, Adam,Stephanie and Jessica

a awesome official pic13


a awesome official pic6

Angel &Rafael

a awesome official pic4

a awesome official pic9


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