IndieWritersReview’s 12 Days Of Christmas (McJordanBook’s Fantasy E-Bundle Giveaway!)

a christmas gift

Hello Guys! Well I thought I would jump into the flow of the season and do some giving of my own! I am giving away an E-Book Bundle of all of my titles to one lucky winner!

How you might ask? Well…glad you did! It is very Easy Peasy just hop over to my handy dandy Rafflecopter (which I now think is the coolest things, since I actually learned how to work it!) LOL and enter!

Yep that’s all! And on Dec. 24th I will announce the winner of the McjordanBooks’s Fantasy E-Bundle! Woot!

CLICK TO ENTER!  a Rafflecopter giveaway


Here are the prizes: chrysalis2 full wrap in print

Night school cover4 A 3 Kindred official cover- Gold Eyes copy amazon uploadtourmentin2 (10)Lyrical-Muse (5)


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