IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlight on Artist: Tangerine (EP: Radical Blossom)

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Hello All:) It’s Monday and that means Music! Today I will throw the spotlight on the smooth, eclectic sounds of the band Tangerine!


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“Since first appearing on the Seattle music scene in January of 2013, Tangerine has been featured by numerous print and online outlets, including the GuardianBUST Magazine,KUOW/NPRTom Tom Magazine, Everett True’s Collapse BoardKEXP, and the Seattle Weekly. Drawing on a diverse range of inspirations, from the Breeders and Fleetwood Mac, to the Velvet Underground and 90s R&B, Tangerine takes you on a lilting roller-coaster of melodic pop with a serious backbone. Led by Marika Justad’s soulful and dreamy voice, Tangerine finds pockets of buoyancy and fills them with virtuosic instrumentation.
The roots of Tangerine began when sisters Marika and Miro (drums) started playing together at ages 13 and 15. They debuted their newfound talent as The Neons, in the Experience Music Project’s annual Soundoff! Competition in 2004. Guitarist Toby Kuhn soon after joined the ensemble and the trio transformed into the Sutures who played venues all over the Seattle area, including Neumos and the Pacific Northwest Folklife Festival.
After years away from playing music, the band reformed in January of 2013 with the new addition of bassist, Ryan Baker. Tangerine uses four-part harmonies and doesn’t feel limited to a specific genre; instead, they draw on influences from all over the musical map- from Mazzy Star to Led Zeppelin, the Cure to the Strokes. Even though they’ve only been around for a short time, Tangerine have established their own breezy and unique brand—richly melodic, tender, and always impressive”



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