IndieWritersReview’s Music Monday! Spotlight on Music Duo… Jungle! (Featuring six year old break dancer video!)

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Hello guys! It’s Monday, that means music! I am very excited to throw the spotlight on the London based duo… Jungle and their debut Platoon! Check out their video which went viral when first premiered, of a six year old girl break dancing!

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Duo on soundcloud:

Jungle Music

Taken From

“Jungle first came to my, and most of the blogosphere’s attention, four months ago, when the enigmatic duo released the video for their debut single, “Platoon.” In terms of virality, it was off the scale.

It got everybody talking, not only about the precociously break-dancing six-year-old girl, who is scientifically proven to be cooler than 96% of human life, but also about that understated and sophisticated groove to which she cut her tiny shapes….” (More on

also: “It was only in September that Jungle, who’ve been compared to both TV On The Radio and Basement Jaxx, issued a photograph to accompany their third single, the – dare I say it – swag “The Heat.” It appears that Jungle are a couple of stylish guys from London, with a penchant for vintage Adidas tracksuits and, uh. Okay, I admit it, that’s all I can tell you. Not that it matters, as Jungle’s debut EP is available this month on top indie label, B3SCI, and this is truly a case of the music speaking for itself…”




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Platoon Music Video!


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