IndieWritersReview: IT’S FINALLY HERE! CHRYSALIS RELEASE DAY!!! ( NEW EXCERPT and Early Readers Reviews)

Hello Everyone! Yes, it is here finally! The official release day for my first full length YA novel Chrysalis (A World of Bid’A Ban Novel)

So since I have been talking about it and well…talking about it…,lol I figured we will have a quiet release day! I will post the book deets and my heartfelt thank-yous below (Love you guys!:)…and in November there will be a whole big hoopla through the Chrysalis Review Tour November 4th-29th! (VBT Café).

So please check out what’s in store for the Chrysalis tour in November right here: Chrysalis November (4th-29th) VBT Cafe Tour (HUGE THANKS TO BK WALKER AT VBT CAFE Virtual Tours!)

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A World of Bid’A Ban Novel

YA Fantasy/Dystopian

Book One

By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

3CM Media

Released September 30th 2013 Add To Goodreads and Buy on Amazon

Chrysalis Officially Officially Officially cleaned up on April 10th 2013 1


Tara Chevrestt

Jamie White


Denise Zaky

Nancy Allen

Victoria Zigler

Brianna Jordan

The cover was created by the amazing (Amy Rooney-CVWriterDesigns)


Photography by the fantabulous (Tiffany McDonald- Anecdote Photography)


Big Hug and Much Gratitude to the very awesome duo


Jessica Becerra

Instagram: jessdolores

Twitter: @jess_dolores

And Javier Gonzalez

Face Book!/javier.gonzalez.1804?fref=ts


After the war between Man and the Supernatural. The world settled back into a harmonious rhythm.
Man and Preternatural existing side by side, building a society that was technologically advanced and beneficial to both kinds.
This new world was ruled by ThunderKins–Shapeshifters who took the form of the great Thunderbird.
But there was dissatisfaction in several of the Divisions. Some did not accept the rule of the ThunderKin. The leader’s heir was targeted for destruction, believing this would cause the current Thunderkin royalty’s rule to be overthrown.
So Chaos was birth and Chaos had a name….Ayda

Ayda Blackhawk is the beautiful, mysterious new girl at Kindale High School, in the Earthen Elemental Division of Bid’ABan. She is not there to make friends but to bring destruction. Her assignment? To kill the Thunderkin heir Adrian Dusong.

But when Ayda meets the handsome Adrian, a twist of fate changes the rules. Ayda and Adrian find themselves, along with their world, at the cross roads to either destruction or redemption.


Advanced Reader Review’s (Beta Readers) (Big thanks to my Betas! Through their tips and suggestions after reading, I was able to go back and make Chrysalis better!) Can Be Seen on Goodreads!

Denise‘s review         

Sep 13, 13                     
              5 of 5 stars      
                      I was thrilled to be asked to beta read this book by the author having read other work by her and really enjoying her writing style. I really liked this book. The world and characters of Chrysalis came alive for me with a storyline that was fresh and unique.  As it states in the synopsis the story begins after a war between man and the supernatural and the world is now at peace with the races coexisting in harmony.  There are those, however, who have never accepted the changes and the intermingling of the races and strive to return to the previous way of life and glory of the Bid’ABan.  Ayda is created; she is a supernatural being that is constructed from the DNA of a human and a supernatural.  She is educated and trained with the goal and sole existence to assassinate the heir of the current Thunderkin ruler.  As the story progresses Ayda begins to think for herself and step out of her programming and the roller coaster ride takes off with lots of twists and turns that kept me glued to the pages wanting to see what was going to happen next.  There is a little insta-love and some teenage angst, but this was not really inappropriate for the storyline and in my opinion it does add to the enjoyment of the read. The story culminates with a bit of a cliffhanger, but it is not one that is glaringly frustrating, and it does leave room for the imagination to wonder and crave to read what happens next.  As the copy I read was an ARC there were some small typos and grammatical blips, but they were minimal and I anticipate further editing will be done prior to release.  Overall I enjoyed Chrysalis very much and look forward to continuing the journey.

Nancy (The Avid Reader)‘s review  

Sep 24, 13
              5 of 5 stars
                      Ayda was created to assassinate Adrain a ThunderKin. Adrain’s uncle, Leader Cheveyo had Ayda created for this purpose and this purpose only. But after a couple of failed attempts she made while trying to kill Adrain she began to wonder why she was failing at the one thing she was trained for her whole life. After she gave it some thought she finally came to the conclusion that she was developing feelings for Adrain. She realized that she could not harm him ever. She would now become his protector. She would keep him safe and would not let anyone else harm him even if it meant her own life would be taken away. After having someone make a couple of attempts on his life Adrain begins to wonder what was going on and why was someone trying to kill him? One day right before an attempt was made he felt someone watching him and began looking around and spotted Ayda watching him. She thought Adrain had seen her but she was like that was impossible. She was starting to have feelings for Adrain and he was also starting to fall in love with her as well. So now Ayda had become his protector and not his killer.  Later after another failed attempt he began putting two and two together and came up with the fact that it was Ayda trying to kill him. He was like, Ayda? Why would she do this? She did not seem like the kind of person who would do something of this nature but she was doing it.
Ayda has wanted to know more about her culture and who she was with her being half-human and half- ThunderKin, her father was ThunderKin. Ayda has confessed that she has always wanted to fly. Adrain offers to take Ayda on a Kii flight. She is not sure at first but he tells her that he is an expert. Ayda can’t resist the chance to fly even if she is not doing it herself. So she accepts; Adrain changes and Ayda climbs on his back and he takes her up in the sky for the ride of her life. Ayda is like a kid on a roller coaster ride; she throws her hands up in the air. After the ride is over and Adrain takes her back to the ground and lets her off and changes back into his human form Ayda realizes how much she has fallen in love with the man that she as an assassin was sent to kill. Anyone that would climb on someone’s back and go soaring through the air on their back has got to have a lot of trust for that person and be totally and completely in love with them.
I was asked by Michelle if I would like to be one of her beta readers for Chrysalis and of course I said yes and I am very glad I did. I really and truly loved reading Chrysalis and can’t wait for the second book. Michelle did a fantastic job of creating and describing a whole new world. She described it in a way that you wished you could go visit Bid’ABan and sit down for a chat with Ayda, Adrain, River, Al and all of the characters.


Brianna‘s review  

Sep 21, 13
              5 of 5 stars
                      I really liked this book. It had amazing characters that I could really connect with. They all had special personalities that made them all unique in their own way. I loved the way the author used such beautiful description. You could really imagine that you were there. I recommend reading this book and all the other books written by this author. She has a true passion for writing and you feel it through her words. I can’t wait for all her books in the future.

Victoria Zigler‘s review  

Sep 07, 13
              5 of 5 stars
                      I was given an advanced copy of this book to read and review, but this in no way influences my opinions of the story: what follows is an honest – though, I admit, quite short – review based upon my opinions and nothing else.
This book is an enjoyable read; written in a straight-forward and simple style that’s easy to follow, but which will capture your interest early on and keep it.  The world the author has created is fascinating, and the characters are believable as real people.  I look forward to reading more!



Chapter 4

“Adrian, come on. Catch up, dude. You scared?”

Laughter rang out as Adrian Dusong watched one of his best friends, Achak “Ace” Cunsah, race towards the rugged bluffs that surrounded Adrian’s home. As Ace bolted with five other howling boys, tumbling towards the cliffs with hoots and hollers, Adrian noticed how effortlessly his best friend’s phase into Kii form was. One minute he was the lanky, long-limbed guy he had always known, all big hands and feet, looking the same as he did when they’d first met in Primary Academy, only taller. His blond hair was long in front and shorter in back, which he constantly flipped out of his eyes. But when he phased, Adrian had to admit that out of all of them, Ace was the best… Almost graceful, one minute in Human form, the next an impressive caramel-hued Kii with downy feathers tinged in silver.

It was the mistaken belief that the Kuuyi Kiis were all black, but in reality the majestic Kiis came in various shades of the darker spectrum from bronze to inky-black.

“Nah, go ahead, I’ll catch up,” Adrian shouted over the din of the howls that turned into the Kii trills as he viewed his friends filling the sky. He watched as the birds flapped their massive wings, which propelled them higher, when they disappeared from sight. Every time he watched, it thrilled Adrian to witness his kind in action. Adrian knew that once it was thought the Kii would never appear again, then with a blusterous peal, the enormous figures would reappear, diving at breakneck speed towards the earth below, and breaking off inches before connecting to the ground.

It was an incredibly stupid feat, but it was an amazing ride.

Adrian was not in the mood to participate in the crazy antics with his friends. His mind was preoccupied, his thoughts twisting in on themselves like an Ouroboros. He was unsettled, discontented with thoughts of what was beyond the mountains of his home. Since his father ruled Kuuyi, it was expected that Adrian would one day rule, especially now that his father was not well.

But Adrian was curious about what was beyond these mountains, outside the rainy walls of Kuuyi. He was not all that sure he wanted to lead, and he felt this revelation would be disappointing to his father and a letdown to his people. The guilt twisted his insides, making his mood blacker the closer he came to graduating.

“Woo! That was freaking awesome, man! Why didn’t you skate?” Ace yelled as the last edges of his phase completed and he dashed to where Adrian sat.

Adrian shrugged. “Not in the mood.”

“You are a kill buzz. Jeez, snap out of it, will you?” Ace snorted as he fell down on the ground beside his best friend.

Adrian leaned back, lying in the grass, arms bent behind his head, as he stared up at the sky. Although there was no sunlight, the sky’s normally plum tint was now a deep Indigo and cloudless.

“This joker- is our senior year, man, so whatever’s yanking your chain? You gotta let it go. Is it Jasmyne? I know those Lumpae can be a handful,” Ace said with a knowing smirk, wiggling his eyebrows.

Adrian rolled his eyes. “You are such an idiot.”

“Hey, just saying I can help carry half the load.”

Adrian sat up and took a swing at his buddy. “Didn’t I teach you better than that?”

Ace ducked and rolled over, missing the back-handed slap aimed for the side of his head. He laughed.”Yeah, yeah, okay, respect the opposite sex. Got it!”

Adrian shook his head and lay back down. “No, it’s not Jasmyne. We’re not together any longer”

“What are you? Insane? Dude, she was the hottest female in senior class. What? She dumped you?” Ace questioned with a cheesy grin.

Staring up at the sky, Adrian replied, “Okay, sure, she dumped me.”

Ace sighed loudly. “You know if you weren’t the best air skater in Kuuyi, I believe I would no longer know you—especially with that ugly mug of yours. It’s almost embarrassing.”

Adrian smiled and shook his head, fully aware his friend was trying to stick it to him. Adrian had confidence and knew who he was. He’d heard the conversations of girls as he walked through Kindale’s halls. And the secret whisperings of his friends’ sisters, who cut their eyes quickly as Adrian was near, swiftly looking away so as not to be caught staring. Adrian understood that his dark mane, tawny complexion, and chocolate-colored eyes found favor with many of the Kin and Human girls in the District. But there was no conceit in Adrian. He appreciated the admiring glances, but what he wanted most in all his relationships—especially with a girl—was one who understood him and his desire to see more than the boundaries of this land, to explore.

“Seriously, I get it. There’s going to be a lot thrown at you when we graduate, you’re inheriting the mess of this land that all those,” Ace waved his arms in the air, “old ones started and want you to fix, but, Ant,” Ace reverted back to the childhood name for his best friend, “man, you’re not going to fix them right now, so you might as well have fun while you can. We’re young and fabulously good looking.” Ace added an enthusiastic hoot. “So let’s enjoy. There’s a party over at Chayton’s tomorrow night, so how about it? There will be food, music, beverages, and girls. Let’s leave the future for the future. We need to live, man, while we have the chance, like it’s our last chance.”

At that moment, the rest of the group bounded over to where Ace and Adrian sat, each dropping onto the ground in lazy heaps. Conversation turned to tomorrow’s party, sprinkled with good-natured ribbing over that day’s friendly competition.

Adrian watched his friends. He heard everything his best friend said, and he agreed—he knew he should join in and enjoy this moment, but he could not shake the feeling that things were about to change. Destiny was catching up with him, and he was not sure if that was a good thing or not.


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