IndieWritersReview’s Review of Thunderstruck (For The Love of The Gods Anthology) by Laura Deluca! (Ishtar Press)


Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Thunderstruck which is part of  For The Love of The Gods Anthology (Ishtar Press) by Author Laura Deluca!

About The Author

Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and three children. She has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Old high school friends would tell you she was always scratching in her notebook instead of paying attention in class and the children she used to babysit for always loved to hear her scary stories at bedtime. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years.

Contact: Author Laura Deluca website

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Blurb: Taranis, the Celtic god of Thunder, has spent an eternity longing for the touch of a single mortal woman. He has followed her through incarnations, but always his powers were too much for her to bear.

Tara is a deaf woman, struggling to fit in the hearing world. She hides a gentle heart behind a tough exterior. Will she let down her defenses when a handsome mute tries to win her heart?

And even if she does, can Taranis’ love come without a death sentence?

My Review

I am a big fan of Author Laura Deluca, I first became aware of her work with the Dark Musicals series, which I loved. Now Ms. Deluca has entered the world of New Adult fiction with Thunderstruck, one of the featured stories in Ishtar Press For The Love of the Gods Anthology.

Ms. Deluca has made an incredible transition from more of the Young Adult fare to a tale with an adult edge:)

Thunderstruck tells the story of the Celtic God of Thunder Taranis ,and his soul searing love for a mortal woman. This same woman he has watched over and loved from afar for  several lifetimes. But each time he attempts to make contact, she dies due to being unable to bear the sound of his voice.

Heartbroken Taranis never gives up, and is determined to find a way to his love again, and also a way to be with her.

Fast forward to present day and now the woman has been reborn as Tara, a strong, independent young woman working her way through college. She is a  deaf woman attempting to find her way in a world that at times disregards and rejects her.

But Tara reflects the fiery passion that she exhibited in each incarnation; but Taranis notices that within this modern society which encourages and nourishes this independence, Tara has fully blossomed into a formidable young woman.

He once again hesitates  to make contact, concerned of the outcome, so he takes his time. In this life, he is known to Tara as a friendly fellow student that has become a friend. But unable to contain himself he does make contact and shows himself to Tara in all his powers, hoping that she would survive and accept him.

I loved this story!  Beautifully written in a lyrical prose in the opening scenes that evoked a mystical quality, it flipped and had a very edgy, modern evolution as the story progressed.

Tara was fierce, a fantastic protagonist that was funny, tough and very likeable. I laughed out loud at certain parts, especially when Taranis first showed himself to Tara, and she pulled out a gun! That was a great scene:)

The story flowed well, and both characters were well-developed even though this was a short work. These were characters you rooted for and I also simply felt my heart-strings being pulled when Taranis realized that, (not fully knowing or understanding why) Tara’s soul had chosen this form (being a deaf woman) in an instinctive response to being with the one her heart longed for through time.

But regardless of why her soul made the choice, Tara was proud of who she was in the present– her heritage and being deaf.  Both characters complimented the other and as I stated Ms. Deluca did it again! Made a winning story, leaving me wanting more:)

I recommend this for story for Adults only due to sexual content and language.


6 thoughts on “IndieWritersReview’s Review of Thunderstruck (For The Love of The Gods Anthology) by Laura Deluca! (Ishtar Press)

  1. I wish I had time to sit down and read all of Laura’s books! Every one sounds thrilling and her cover art is always inviting you in. I do have a couple on my list to review soon. Maybe with the holidays coming up I’ll find time for more reading:)
    Thanks for you insightful and fun review. Great job!


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